Thank you Seinfeld Gifs + Long secret message + New OOT romhacks + 9 videos + 2 dropped albums + more

Videos: 9 videos.

Video 1: Dam this Master of Time Romhack came out recently love watching ZFG conquer. I can tell that this took like a few months, and was inspired by me promoting him, keep up the new rom hacks. Throw funding that way to them. 2 parts 7 hours each about.

Video 2: lol doug talking about eternity.


Video 4: eminem ft. nate dogg- shake that

Video 5: Elon Musk, Don’t give a damn about your degree. (maybe more people should do websites like me I mean I pay for unlimited space but few do so, and it is all free.)

Video 6: Bill lying about the divine space, computers came from Aliens we are all kooky they are hiding the truth, who is worthy to look at it, does it even matter roll up a blunt. Lol for me.

Video 7: Goku Saved Android 17 from dying in space, Beerus saw Goku’s death in a dream.

Video 8: TCTS better without you ft. glowie

Video 9: Lupe- Superstar classic.

See these are the great Ideas to self I think I can’t do because Mark O mara and those attornies are slow at giving my money, because with a solid inheritance I can document Jail and do so much good in the community but oh well.

(email to self)

All in Orlando

Jail footage

Question lines audio
Fat disguise reveal from a cop on video
Jail facts
Learning the fixed system to leak
Highschool documentary for fundraiser if they hire new teacher with
Forbes and ambitious logic
And teach about in class. Teach them right and wrong.
Leaks from attornies ideas from them.
All i could think of.
(and google responded with court room 4 thing lawsuit it was messing with my devices, they read my emails in heaven.)
Snow Child baby.
But that is the truth, I want to be a good man, and do good, but how can one do that when you are called insane in court, and fed medication it is like a waiting game because it is about corruption. The more lives we save the more worthy more good people stand up for others. You know a domino effect of good.
And here are the lyrics to the new album: Album 12 15 song lyrics
But another cool secret on how the Government has scammed people out of money is this black kid I once knew in Winter Park High and he then worked at a YMCA and he could have been a twin, and when I drove to miami to the most random hotel with phantom to sleep with my prostitute girl my regular, he was there acting like someone else, but in the exact same nigger face LOL, and you wonder why I hate some black people, I mean they have slandered my name (Augusto Gabriel Acconciagioco) and my website augusto gabe, to launder millions just by virtue of people like Bill Gates and others caring about me watching over me, and on top of that my sperm mass millions it makes taken by rehabs my parents forced me into when I was like in my early 20s. I have such a fucked up life, I am like undercover protected by a therapist because my face has made by whole body a billion dollar bank, a girl could heist it if I slept in some random bed, make a fortune and I am left with nothing. You will see my website pay off one day, and the billions I will hoard till I am 50.

12) Venezuelan Gangster Reborn (Lyrics)

Samples: 5 needed I will gather them for you Que.

  • Sun in the Sky Remix (for a song outro as a second song)
  • Kanye West Don’t Look Down Sample Outro
  • Chris Brown See Through Outro or hook sample
  • Rayman 2 music sounds (Outro or something)
  • Teflon Sega- Bretta Lake (Skrux remix)


Track List: 15

Track 1: Bugatti Crime

Track 2: Puppet of Fetishes

Track 3: Final Exam

Track 4: Born to Slave

Track 5: Heavenly One

Track 6: Lucifer’s Dream

Track 7: Underneath

Track 8: Immature Intention

Track 9: Love of a Child

Track 10: No Flaws in Her Eyes

Track 11: Highest Reward

Track 12: Lake of Blood

Track 13: Skull Fuck You

Track 14: Fading Comets

Track 15: Love of The


Track 1: Bugatti Crime

Bugatti crime

Verse 1:
Hit that like a Bugatti
She’s mad about her Ferrari
Pardon me mind control hari kari
Pardon me R Kelly swag average civilian
Bugatti thoughts fag beverage sag my pance civilian
A juvenile delinquent taught by hard ones
Very delinquent to the point of God ones
Judging my moves as i slide
The law i do abide as i reside in your girls slip and slide

Bugatti crime for the releast nigga
Ique and me against the realest nigga
Swag drown in a Bugatti like a young thug nigga
Forever billions dreaming of divine murder on my enemies
Bugatti thoughts millions of kids dreaming as the ancestors hide divine murder of their enemies

Verse 2:
Talking shit like a host so stern
Was higher than Howard stern
Without having 420 to burn
I always earn my way to the top
Narcissistic saint and i love lady taint
I can’t faint because my life is eternal paint
Have to elevate as a saint
While keeping my Asian brothers close
To a toast for the most
Let us boast and sing till we hit a billion on a post


Verse 3:
A bugatti goes skrrr
These niggas go ehhhhh
Shady god goes yeah yeah alright alright alright
I stand for the good fight fight fight
My mind is out of sight
CIA wants me to blind everybody’s sight
Just don’t give up life is a crime
To succeed is a crime
My bugatti could be a crime
Bugatti in orlando is a way to show off
I jack off that’s one bugatti and girls show off
To enter my car
Fuck her up like a scar
I can mar anybody with the website bar
Because im a superstar
Will be immortal walking on a star
Cocaine is a fuel to make a baby star
Watch a nigga like me go far



Track 2: Puppet of Fetishes

Puppet of fetishes

Puppet swag up to the sky
Puppet of fetishes relax don’t cry
Gotta love her feet and ass
Gotta be above the CIA class
I take a meth hit then pass
Coke in the nose to avoid class
Fuck a prosecutor to get a pass

Verse 1
She would not understand beauty
She is stubborn no booty
Itty bitty tits and thinks shes a cutie
But i fuck her till she drowns in the ocean
Feds watching my back cum money of an ocean
Perfect devotion, the puppet master
Controlled by puppeteers up above
Unfolded by a sexy prosecutors love


Verse 2
I got the mind control pino grinot
I got the promethazine in the home, a nigga gringo
Such a nigga gringo i mix the wine with the codeine
Makes me crazy Augusto get a fix with a line its fine
Watching youtube girls with sexy feet
I got in trouble for thinking the ass was my piece of meat
Always elite always elite
Puppet master of fetishes
I make guys and girls sexually embellish


Verse 3 short
I let the snow ride down my dick
She snorts it makes me seem thick
Thick headed dick, thats gabe
A lick of this will get your girl quick
On both knees sea sick
While she flies the child away daddy is sick
Fucking like the world is gonna end
Dad is such a prick
Gabe your such a prick
Girls want cocaine on my prick

(Outro sample of rayman 2 hall of doors)








Track 3: Final Exam

Verse 1
Passing these final exams like a clueless nigga
Wait your friend is a clueless nigga
Schizo flow, bipolar sunshine glow
Im the realest nigga in class kanye drop out
The fanciest nigga eating ass girls ask what he about?
I hold these niggas in school back
They talk so much shit like reacting to a thumbtack

Study the final exam of life
Divorce fake niggas wife
Kill niggas reaper scythe
Create a rebellion for eternal life
Gabe passed the final exam
I prepare these kids for that exam
Be a great one or mediocre one
Happy one happy shady one

Verse 2
One of the realest niggas overall
I could pull off urkles overalls
Schizo voice in high school halls
Kids stopped listening to kanye in high school
Dark fantasy played in my winter park highschool
I made sure to be the fool
So i wouldn’t end up a tool
Flying with billions in my bank
I cum so hard my home is a sperm bank


Verse 3 short
Still the realest nigga a supernova
The brightest star for these audience members
(Oh i can tell my heavenly thoughts are see through
My heart breaks like im made of glass) x2

See through Chris brown chopped on repeat 3 times






Track 4: Born to Slave

Verse 1
Born to slave
Can i learn to behave
Not just getting high at a rave
Who can i save who can gabe save
I brought the Universe to its knees
I am the universe like halo one geeze
(Pointing a gun at the head of the universe) x2
(Thats gabe having a gun pointed at every verse)×2

Born to listen and forget
But the holy spirit woke me like a jet
Im gonna get this guap this 100 million
Born to slave to be a god age over a billion
(Born to slave like a goku) x3

Verse 2
Take my soul to the sky so i can feel it
I feel down in this modern age
Millions of fans but thats rage
For me to enjoy the audience
I love the audience to one day outsmart the hungergames audience
Not only can jennifer Lawrence get it
Rihanna can get it eminem already had both
(But hey celebrity fucking is good to boast) x2


Outro: sun in the sky (all of it with extended parts for gabe to freestyle sing)








Track 5: Heavenly One

Heavenly things divine murder
Heavenly humans hiding the divine murder
Earn respect from the CIA
Was born as an android for the CIA
(I am the one the heavenly one
Is your kid growing up to be the heavenly one) x3

Verse 1
Lure the victims to the sky
Likeability level is important to the sky
Don’t underestimate the far cry
Don’t die by gustavo on far cry
Jojo runescape luring is a sign
Of luring newbies a bad sign
Look at the stars they blaze divine
They blaze foolish humans all the time


Verse 2
The heavenly one the chosen one
Portugal gun so much fun
Shine like an immortal sun
(Club of darkness and i am there
Club of darkness the heavenly one my long hair) x2
(Divine thoughts hard to understand) x2


Verse 3
Oh baby don’t tell our daughter about gabe
Gabe is so bad the counter part to a babe
Ben Kingsley is executing at remote lands
Augusto the king is easily amused by orlando lands
A billion dollar inheritance and CIA investment all day
Gabe is the heavenly one, trillion dollar net worth one day
(Baby i am the heavenly one
Niggas not the friendliest ones
Once you lure their friends with the heavenly ones) x2




Track 6: Lucifer’s Dream


Pointing my gun to the head of every universe

While NASA is lying about the universe

I got Lucifer’s Dream by my side to be holy holy

Haters scream out holy molly

Lucifer in my Vodka slow as a rolly Polly

Verse 1:

It is coursing through my veins

The pains of the youth, and the slain

Billionaires in Asia are known for slain

While niggas get locked up for drugs, unwanted pain

Keep some redbull in the Vodka keep me sane

Keep the devils in my ear to keep me entertained

Get along with Lucifer’s Vision, and with my own

Future fruition, my cyborg intuition

(A billionaire for 10 lifetimes to come

All from being hot in the music, to make them all cum) x3


Verse 2 :

Walking down the halls it is like Rayman 2 all over

I walk on water like a God to expose the left overs

I sing on the mic like I hit a billion subscribers from a murder show

I pull the trigger on the internet, Venezuelan Gangster show

Technically Lucifer pulls the trigger for me

I am addicted to divine thoughts, immortality

(Get me some pot to slow down my velocity

I got love for all the ones following me) x2


Verse 3:

I created this virtual world I am in by playing along

I got haters mad that I can show them how its done

(I got love for these niggas but not for my own son) x3

(I am a bad father oh well, I was still a real one) x3

False reality all around, a mask for this

A mask even when out for lobster bisque?

What kind of pissed off Covid Doctors started all this?

I guess I am Covid 19 because life is a joke

Lucifer’s Dream keeps me away from all the smoke

So I can be the highest exalting without having to choke


Kanye West Don’t Look Down Sample Outro


Track 7: Underneath


Underneath all this exterior I got the emotion

Underneath all these niggas they have bullshit emotion

Underneath these floors divine murder commotion

(While more idiots want a promotion, for useless devotion) x2

Verse 1:

Underneath a lawyer is anger from the heavens

Even a lawyer wants to taste heaven and still wake up at 7

Outside of a prison cell

(My mind is inside of a prison cell) x3

(My life is hard because I have no tell) x2

Underneath all the bravado is a little boy, couldn’t you tell?


Verse 2:

Who kept the real to the top handing out drugs like a doctor

I kept the truth like a popstar, futuristic star

(I keep the truth bottled underneath every day) x2

(I keep these niggas concealed on my website for the sake of being immortalized one day) x2

I keep these emotions up to make a difference

(Underneath this face is a little Asian Boy, controlling an Android

I could probably sell my Android, phone to a billionaire boy

My emotions are numb and dull) x2


Verse 3:

I can hear Billy Gates in my ear one day

I can hear Mark Zuckerberg underneath my house all day

I can hear the truth like a coded computer

(I can evolve with this music, just let me post on a computer) x2

(I rep so hard who needs a Scooter) x2

I kill these niggas in Canada with a bomb I prepared from Jupiter

And send it through the military base in Orlando

(These niggas are scared of true destiny, so they hide underneath the sheets) x2

(I drop songs and beats with ique, that make niggas so wild like children’s feet) x2



Track 8: Immature Intention


Immature intentions every day

(These girls want my music released every day) x2

I got my cock swinging like the lion

I could get my older friend Gus to attack them like a lion

Over the servers of the CIA

(Godly thoughts for being the head of the CIA) x2

(Immature Intention to conquer the net, because bitch I am the CIA) x2

Verse 1:

Im gonna keep sipping, tripping, and my cock will be dripping

From a prosecutor’s pussy, my feelings are missing

Oh I got these niggas on edge, with my immature mind

Gabe gonna do another Taking Over This World, from his first album

Gabe gonna keep talking bullshit to the world, through every single album

This nigga gabe is so insecure he needs like 20 albums

(So I drop the albums like Wayne, feel the love and pain) x2

(So many mixtapes, I could be called immortally vain and insane) x2


Verse 2:

I guess my delivery of drugs is coming closer to my new Orlando home

Sheriff badge paid off, greased up, for my new mentality

I guess my delivery of drugs, is for the party home

I am a sheriff, with no badge, richer than Bernie Madoff, for my sanity

(Tell these niggas to stop crying

I keep flying high off these pills and drinks) x3


Verse 3: Short

Sometimes I wonder if my maturity will ever arrive

But I make so much content it has to be jive

Cause a high five, and a dancing tribe

(I guess I am the Seinfeld of music

These niggas are my audience complaining about other music) x2



Track 9: Love of a Child

Verse 1:

I got the flames sparked underneath the world

The leaders fall down to my feet, I am Mr. World

Not Mr. World Wide, not a pit bull

I kept it real, skip the bull, billions coming my way in full

The Love of a Child is what I got

I am the asian child who controls all you got

Such a genius like assholes who smoke nothing but pot


I got in so much trouble as a child

So, I carry the love a child

(Got the mind and spirit of a child

Power in my hands to mind control your child) x3

The greatest Love is that of a Child

Verse 2: (short)

I fell into some great punani

It cost me so much money her pussy was honey

New York girls would bend for a King like muah

A lot of these older women acting young, saying muah

Mind control over the population, the most Populah


Verse 3: (short)

Heavenly power raining down on me

Putting my music on Asian T.V

Canadian T.V so fruity, promoting Gabe

Canadian V.D from a fruity, tooty, babe

(Dancing with the devils 50 million viewers

I sip coffee with lucifer on the stars

I shoot these niggas careers like cop cars

I put white rappers out of commission for whack bars) x3



Track 10: No Flaws in Her Eyes


No flaws in her eyes, because I am the prize

(Billion dollar eyes, Million dollar lies) x2

(The Honesty of no flaws, memories fade I pause) x2

(Heavenly eyes, Billionaire Mind

No flaws in her eyes, no flaws in her eyes) x2

Verse 1:

I walk down the hall of fire into her dreams

I keep singing about my dreams

So one day Bugattis and Ferraris appear me

Legal teams, asking for me to post

I can boast, do a toast, keep it to the most

(Walking down the hall of fire

No flaws in her eyes, heavenly fire) x3


Verse 2:

Looking at your daughter when she was young

12 Years old loving, innocence no way to shun

Now she is 21, and she looks for guys who are hung

Now many flaws in her eyes

Now R Kelly males, looking for your daughter’s thighs

(The Devil is in the details

She is my devil, no flaws in her eyes, but I love her lies) x3


Verse 3: (short)

She has stinky feet when she enters into the home

My billion-dollar painting makes her want to eat

(So I eat her out, while licking her feet) x2

(I got the CIA Swag of billions laundered to my name) x2

(I put these singers to shame, superstardom fame, See through home, see through

Eyes, no flaws in her eyes, infrared in my soul) x3



Track 11: Highest Reward

Verse 1: (short)

The Highest Reward of all

Is the visionally hall, of eternal dreams

I stand so tall, with heavenly teams

(I can get the highest reward

I can be in Portugal with models my personal Psych ward) x2


Verse 2:

The realest nigga till this day

(The highest reward for that special day

I crash into the building of the CIA) x2

I got the Stan swag, with the Bart Simpson Hand wave

I got the Van bag, to kidnap art, so please don’t

Start, still the highest reward for real niggas

Heaven has the gates to open one day

The Irony of heaven being the reward

(I get so high up I forget about my reward) x3


Verse 3 short:

We can get high if you want, we can cry if you want

I can fuck up your boyfriend if ya want

(Bail me out when I get out babe) x2

(I love you more then life, you love my words are a knife) x2

Baby girl I am showing you the highest reward

Thoughts so crazy like a psych ward

I am more so FB Ogre 2, from Halo 2

Not the youtuber Thoughty2

I am like mewtwo, divine being, but yet naughty

(Catholics hate the truth, while Doug preaches

Sex is natural but Catholics are leaches) x2

Simple Transition into:

Teflon Sega- Bretta Lake (Skrux remix)

(Freestyle sing with some of this outro long)


Track 12: Lake of Blood


Drowning my sorrows in tomorrow

Drowning my crown in a nigga thinking they have tomorrow

Lake of Blood covers the mind

Lake of Blood because cops can’t have a sane mind

(Lake of Blood, pile of skulls of my enemies

Bender in the future time machine, with my frenemies) x2

Verse 1:

Got some syrup from Aunt Jemima for the pancakes

Eat them like eating pussy from girls who taste like cupcakes

Ehh my flow is nasty, my mind is nasty

Life is a catastrophe, I got Sphynx Lions turning on them

I got the Divine murder turning on them

(Steve Jobs mentality, with no job mentality

Yet I conquer the mentality, of population control reality) x2


Verse 2:

Lake of Blood from my enemies

I have sanctified blood, to take on my future enemies

(You may have 20 children

I have 20 million fans downloading the new one) x2

(I may have no conscious, a monster

Like Jay-Z on monster, so honest, the honest one) x2

I put your niggas 6 feet under

(I put all your niggas under, by singing in a rap battle

I tattle, to rattle, your cage) x2

(I got groupie girls under age, trying to grab my dick on stage) x2


Verse 3:

I got Venezuelan gangster swag, in a duffle bag

I got niggas mad about American gangster tracks

I got Venezuelan dreams, in the bag, top notch swag

(Stop my enemies in their tracks

Lake of Blood for them to sink below train tracks) x2

Hyenas will tear these niggas apart, from start

To finish and back again to the art

(way up in my thoughts, lake of blood, covers

My sins as I go way up, to see the army sky

Flying to heaven in a chopper, looking proper,

Your boyfriend is a dick hopper, I am a Nelson Mandela

Your boyfriend can only look at Coachella, I just met the CEOs daughter

To lead her to her demise, I rise

Higher, each day, every day) x2



Track 13: Skull Fuck You

Verse 1:

Taking new extremes, these cups need lean

I lean into the universe, with my legs

These girls do drugs but tell their parents they are kegs

While guys go on probation and suffer forever

Forever ever, like Kanye

While girls don’t go on probation so they are tougher

Forever ever, forever ever, ever ever

From the Chi to South America I am hailed

Sing my music in the wrong country jailed


Gonna Skull Fuck my enemies

Gonna Skull fuck you

Gonna Skull Fuck the world

Ari Gold Swag, Jeremy pivon

Augusto Gabe Swag, Jeremy Charraco Vision

(Rising to the spiritual top

Going to drop so many leaks till I erupt) x2

Skull Fuck your enemies, Skull fuck them good

Verse 2:

Light me a cigarette in Orlando with a billion

While they light 10 million blunts in Los Angeles

I got no contract just wealth and contacts

Staying Sane for the prize, while Lose Angeles hates their own contacts

(Life passes by for them debauchery and patheticness

I escaped L.A Like the Weeknd, making history in darkness) x2


Verse 3 short:

Pound pound cake, I got a 500 million pound dollar cake

These niggas are fronting because they don’t have a super cake

My sperm made a billion lotto winners

My sperm is probably why many will fight each other, sinners

(Skull Fucking the World with this song

Go on hit the bong, make another one to prove them wrong) x2

Fuck all that happy to be here shit you want me on

(I got a billion more in the future, your girl wants to see me on) x2



Track 14: Fading Comets

Verse 1:

Pray the real live forever man

Pray the fakes get exposed

I stay up with the Angels, in a world of Sand

Hourglass running out, deadlines while your husband still drives his van

(Going to new heights with this music

Gonna get my new hoe highlights, 30 million girls listen to my music

So she can be anywhere under the lights) x2


Pray the real live forever man, pray the fakes get exposed

I want that bugatti just to hurt, I want that ferrari just for her

(Fading Dreams into the dark night, Cancel the flight for house arrest) x2

(Fading comets, my life is a blazing comet, I hate these niggas I could vomit) x2

You know how this shit go, a billion dollars international

A billion dollars in my account makes your niggas irrational

Verse 2:

I admit it I admit it

I got a billion dreams to come true

I got these schizo voices bothering me, staying true

(I got no passion for these niggas lying about the youth

They steal from the youth, the truth) x2

So many enemies want me out of the way

But the devil doesn’t understand I know every which way

He will act, so I act like a devil, with a saint underneath

Your girl won’t act like a devil, because her dad has the saint booty while he is underneath

While you are at work, your girl fucks her dad like a Kool Keith

(my flow is getting so predictable; I will never pass a physical) x2


Verse 3 short:

(Fading comets make a wish

Make a wish kids make wishes for finances) x2

I keep watching for haters because they will all take shots at you yea

I keep watching for haters because they are wannabe hot shots yea

(I am still reaching a higher place

Hunting more niggas down, for my fire place

Fuck my older daughter at her place) x2

Billionaire Dad making the saddest face, fading away



Track 15: Love of The

Verse 1:

(This is one of my realest flows ever

I think they call this venting) x2

I am still the same, after the game

What up Hitsquad, what up plush

While I was trying to make it, like a pregnant push

(And I will be performing this all long

As I am alive, look me in my eyes) x2


Love of the Audience, love of the invisible

Love of the Realest Niggas, becoming so visible

(Don’t believe the lies, look me in my eyes

Please don’t be scared of me, I remember you) x2

Follow the path of dreams, so I can be free

A lot of kids will follow me, look for the new reality

I am always on top of the universe chilling here

Verse 2:

(I will probably be wishing for some things, and get used to those) x2

Have a bugatti in Orlando just for my forever image

Living in a delusion because I refresh the saint image

Living in illusion because I want fresh taint from a lady saint in my bed

Love of the crowd, love of the stars

Love of the millions watching, and I represent many stars

(I am so far gone, please leave me alone, billion-dollar home

I get caught up in the storm, no clone) x2


Verse 3 long:

Everything will be okay and it won’t take that long

Leader of the tech age

The CIA can worry, but it would be better if you don’t

Leader of the new age, love of the crowd

Love of the CIA, I will do better if you don’t

I am no Ben Kingsley, but I am far from a Whitney

No matter how much emotion I get

From the masses I can bet online why a jet

Reality is set, I love the passion

Reality is ready, I love the compassion

(I am feeling so guilty with these changes

Because this is the future of young ages) x2

(My own set of problems on my brain

Love of the Fans is why I remain me) x2

I am the furthest thing from a super model

But I got more to my name then they do, grab a bottle

Venting, is my passion and life is my footstool

Don’t make me take my last resort, life is my loose stool

Verse 3 continuation:

(Shitting on these niggas with lies) x3

Forever a Billionaire to these children online

Love of the parents headed my way forever, ever forever ever

(My tears are eternal) x3