The future of Gabe plans + 10 Videos + Epic Gifs + 2 new albums + Dark Fantasy Podcast with Phantom.

More Life Drake all mp3 should run smoother, but not big deal.

Carter 5 not mp3, ye runs good but leave phone or tab on.

Depends on your signal enjoy. Support the best. Love leaking albums.

Scroll all the way below for more. Just try to be appreciative

sorry should make them mp3 always. especially off iTunes

Message: Gen1 Dark Fantasy phantom and I discuss like 20 topics, a spin off of 4 topics we put down. Click here to listen (optional to download.)

Can’t reveal album 13 tracklist but it will be 42 tracks at least. (4 are skits) and it is a lot of ripped instrumentals and fun mixes to make unique beats with female vocals in background, a few originals, Album 12 is almost fully done and takes a month or less after that for it to get mastered. But yeah all is well, game design daily, using windows 7 laptop on my lap is good and productive I get a lot done, on Paint, started to hate my monitor computer, and FYI tablets make my website look awesome I noticed with a tablet I never use.

The topics we talk about:

  1. compared to
  2. Phantom interviewing gabe about his daily xanax life, and sex experiences fun
  3. How the world can make my website eternal one day.
  4. What it takes to be good, genuine etc. and the list goes on.
  5. Lol I will try to post more often.

On a side note: I thought to self my other websites:

One day make popular with the porn industry, so it is reserved in L.A

And make agabillionaire a regular posting to hire someone to post a lot on my behalf

And make augy club a podcast weekly with long wild entertainment of some of my personal friends I could hire one day to do that, to populate it for fun, so far gone.

And keep gabe free clean good, and hot.

I look forward to making a tab called Legal on this website when my delusional of money have become reality and all that.

Videos: 10.

Video 1: U Feel Me (black bill gates) 2 chainz

Video 2: Migos Walk It Talk It ft. Drake

Video 3: Not Ya Ordinary Black Bill Gates (2 chainz)

Video 4: Eminem berzerk

Video 5: Drake Laugh Now Cry Later (Ghost town :D)

Video 6: Duke Dumont Ocean Drive

Video 7: THROW hands picka and Bulba long mix.

Video 8: Thoughty 2 These are the Craziest Rulers that ever lived not counting gabe and bill gates.

Video 9: The Missing Link OOT Rom hack ZFG (Lol ZFG calling me google, Im the new google.)

Video 10: Deorro x Chris Brown (five more hours)