10th Album leak and 10 epic videos Leaked from great artist…

Sharing the 10th album leak below dubbing to see how it will turn out more effective. Enjoy the videos, blessed day and if not just jerk off, it works for me. One day I would hope to never use my hand again. Awaiting court in real life for the showdown, inheritance over 500m here in Florida with prosecutors on my dick about my website? Or taking a trip to get 50 billion many would claim I don’t need? Or both or can Marlboro do 6 months 60 billion in Windamere, Florida? LOL

Oh and because I have made so many millionaires and maybe a few billionaires because of my sperm with no inheritance at my age of 25, I had to make something of myself on the internet. Even my childhood friend Nick Coons, dad Tim Coons, guess who the apple CEO is Timothy Cook, yada yada, psych wards parents turning against me, I would have like 100 lawsuits unless I sued the CIA, because the CIA would want to get sued, some people don’t understand that concept or want to step in the middle of your happiness, and trust me it isn’t the IRS. Because money works three ways, having a debit with 10 grand or 100 million, or having credit and livng off that, or having money offshore somewhere, which how do you get that? Fly to Switzerland and become a male jiggalo?


Videos: 10 Videos.

Video 1: Apeshit- The Carters

Video 2: Justin Bieber Yummy Off. Video

Video 3: INTRN- Cracks in the Paint

Video 4: Teflon Sega- Beretta Lake ft. SAINt JHN

Video 5: Drake Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2

Video 6: Drake Toosie Slide

Video 7: Drake War

Video 8: Joyner Lucas- ADHD full album with skits and everything.

Video 9: Top 5 Prince Combo Contenst from Smash 64 about 5 minutes long.

Video 10: Will Smith and Uncle Phil the best in history (Joyner paying homage).

Lyrics of 10th below started dubbing when singing, and primarily singing not rapping so it should be more effective to the listeners. Besides that using cool samples for intros and outros of other songs and unique things. Hope to top number 9 in my own mind. As a musician you don’t notice how much better it can sound till you dub it, or have certain plugins on protools besides auto-tune to make you sound unique, the love of making others happy in your soul is my Schizophrenia. We record like 5 songs each visit at the home studio, so 3 more sessions and a long wait of him mixing and mastering Mr. Que, anonymous.

Actually so far only Black Sheep is a remix of TKO everything else is original. But I love it either way.

Tracklist and lyrics fully done was bored, deep message as you read along about the outside: Coded:

Saint Lucifer Experience: (will need to pull many samples for Que)

  • Captain (Golden Roses Remix) beat done
  • Schizophrenia (Star67 Remix) beat done
  • Another Level (Weeknd Style Slow) beat done
  • Neat (Adaption Weeknd Slow) beat done
  • Jail Is Everywhere (Pop Style Remix) beat done
  • My Lair (My Side Original) beat done
  • Slowly Dying (How Bout Now Original) beat done
  • Shackles (Crew Love Slow) beat done
  • Inheritance (Ordinary Life Original) beat done
  • Black Sheep (TKO Remix) beat done
  • Allure 2.0 (Allure Original Jay-Z)
  • High Off Medz (Spaceship Coupe Original)
  • No Freedom (No Tellin’ Slow)
  • Reality (Amnesia Remix)
  • Piano-Soul (Interlude) (Original)
  • Court (Original)
  • Nightly Vision (Original)
  • Airline Clones (Original)
  • Winter Park (Original)
  • The Breath (Weeknd Style 2 beats 10 Minutes finale)
  • Captain

(Intro of an Airline from Youtube)

Verse 1:

United gunshots for the divine murder

They get stomped (they get stomped) (Creepy Captain Murder)

The Flight 629 was blown to bits

Captains of the time throwing fits

Over Stewarts’s lady bits, to many clits

So long Colorado, grab your shit and move to Dam

Chicago goes to jail for the pot you ants smoke, more than a tourist from Amsterdam

(Life of a captain is hard) x2 (Captains survive and die for those who don’t try hard) x2

(That’s when you know these children will one day grow up to die hard) x2

(Don’t try hard words of Kanye) x5


How to own (Medicated Captains on Cocaine)

(With pistols looking for brain)

At hotels with childhood pain

(How to be a captain medicated on cane) x3

Verse 2:

Taking flight can be a sign of the end

In Washington they pretend, eat a Pretzel

Be a Denzel, never lend to those who pretend

Take the tootskie to far

Forget who you are, when meth runs your mind like a car

Alcoholic flavor for those of us who relax

Problematic favor for those who spend to the max

Rehabs were chasing me since the true story behind Denzel

Arabs were chasing tail true story behind bloody lights

Orlando is the center of the medical

You are exiled for not speaking medical

Sequestered at the airport for being against medical

Now Gabe became too important

So, Gabe wants to work in secret with the unimportant



(Captain told us in our head everything is okay)

(We wake up) x3

(Captain Wake my addiction up) x3

(The Gates have me cornered at every corner) x3

(I go ill and would have to spit blood for 20 years to be bill) x5


(Outro Sample of Flight Movie from Youtube)

  • Schizophrenia

(Doctor Intro sample from Youtube)

Verse 1:

Clooney got in my brain, call Morty and Rick

Improve me in the brain, dirty lick magical dick

A magical Prick, vain, fuck a plane jane

To avoid a plane, assistant average

Band-Aid from the cane, with an average beverage

Stuck in two realities, few causalities

Till I realize my post just killed a million African Children

(Did my post just kill a million African Children) x3


(A doctor talking about schizophrenia from Youtube or Gabe)

Verse 2:

Psychotic trigger, not to pull a trigger

The ancestors underground feeling bigger

Trying to put me out of this reality, as my dick gets bigger

Lying to put me into a virtual reality, as my clique gets bigger

Take me through the pain of others

The doctor prescribed me Xanax to avoid prisoner brothers

(Let me take you down a trip so strong) x3

(Put purple in my cup, and addy to make me hit a bong) x3

(Now the Prosecutors want to post on my site) x5

(Stick to the curse) x5

Chorus: (repeat)

Verse 3:

I suppose my age is a mystery

Alien life, rage gave me infinity

And I stuck to Artificial life, proposition infinity

Alcoholic Schizophrenic, demented, cemented

Rageaholic imaginative, but forever a record

(The voice showed me) x3

(The voice told me) x3

Chorus: (repeat or different doctor sample)

  • Another Level

(Intro Weeknd Snippet from Youtube) (Slowed adaptation from the sky)

Chorus: (3 times)

Another level of delusion

Another level of lust lost

I made a trade, the soul is lost

Now I can see a delusion become reality

I am a doctor with these bottles

A pill and a bottle

Verse 1:

I made a trade with the devils

Now I can’t feel anything except levels

Adopted by the devils

Another level of drunk

Longing for more girls who are drunk

Another level down, lost time, can’t get it back

(She might just leave me; the memories can’t get it back) x3


Verse 2:

Falling from the sky

The drugs make you be the sky

While your friends are locked up looking at the sky

Another level of Rick in my system

Can only invent lyrics, so prone to submission

Dumbified music is the mission

Dumbified thoughts are my mission

I lost my soul so I can never be Christian

(We need to go back up, no turning back) x2

(Going up to the sky, pour another in the flask) x2



I love to dream, pills to help dream

(Don’t wake me up from this) x2

(Thoughts of wanting to hide) x2

(Don’t overreact, lets go to the sky) x2

(Let us go beyond that) x2

Remember these pills

This world is not for us

Its not what it seems

(Let’s drink and go back in the dream) x5

  • Neat

(Intro drinks pouring) (this one has the laughs from Q)

Verse 1:

I’m not a fool

I just love that you are dead inside

I like the tats that make you ride

My mind is stuck on the crash after the ride

(I should probably find a better girl) x2

(But you are the only one who understood) x2


Pour my drink neat

I want to kill these thoughts

She has the prettiest feet

Have thoughts cumming

(I want to be her slave, pills put me under her control) x3

(The alcohol makes eating her out neat, even when she isn’t) x3

Verse 2:

I like your lifeless body

I don’t like these responsibilities

I consider myself a homebody

And you clearly like to fuck a nobody

(Because I am just your nobody) x2

(Drink more with these pills) x2

(I just love that you are dead inside) x2)

(Teach me to be the puppet I want to leave you) x2

(But I can create more puppets after embracing you) x2



You belong to the world

I wanted you for the world

(Satanic thoughts fill us up) x3

(You are the Asian killer fill me up) x3

(I’ll ask the Sheriff to bring us many so you are mollied up) x3

(I will keep on mistreating you, because this is my world) x3

  • Jail Is Everywhere

Intro: Asian People talking from youtube

Verse 1:

Jail is in the imagination

Jail is every corner, reincarnation

Jail is there when we are scared

Pour a drink or don’t, and you will still be scared

Because Jail is for the sober, to volunteer

But Jail is for the drunk, if the police are near

Jail is a voice you can’t see or hear

(The Male Prisoner the most prized, if he has the right eyes, stuck in their lies) x3


Jail is like a reality check, that is wet

A waterfall will make anything wet, even if your reality is set

Having Children is the downfall of many

But the wealthy buy our children regardless

Why do they get to be flawless, and lawless?

A Jail in itself (Which Jail do you want) x3

(Mating season or stay in jail for a season) x2

(Jail is everywhere rich or poor) x2

(Sober or drunk on the floor) x2

Verse 2:

If I should ever fall down

More than likely, silly clown

Pick me up with your words

Or let them summon me with empty words

(They have Gabe frozen) x2

(Not realizing years are gone, frozen) x2

(Could have saved many, no longer chosen) x2

(So why not waste time with those in the moment) x2

(Jail is the truth; it holds the end) x3

(You go to jail for the truth, so don’t hit send) x3

(Empty words, Empty cell) x5


Verse 3:

Jail is in her bedroom, drunk of rummy

Yummy in my tummy, vroom vroom, skeet, skeet

These niggas taste defeat, dirty feet

When can I hit the high note, the perfect ah

That will be the day we can vote, to legalize it all

Broken mind

(Haunted thoughts, like the Asian assassin said to the other, Jail is everywhere, Jails is everywhere) x3

(sample of can I baby for outro)

  • My Lair


Why can’t I come to where you stay (why)?

Ashamed to have me, my enemies want me out the way

(I swear I dreamed about drugs more than money) x2

I swear you killed it in that dress

(Ashamed of me because I am always depressed) x3

I gotta take you to my side (to my mental note) x3

(If you dare step into my lair) x2


Tell me what is there to life besides getting shwifcthy

(A bunch of idiots wanting to say I lift, but I lift me) x2

Step away, from your T.V, turn that Netflix off

Come my way, your V.D, is my hypocritical turn off

(Step my way to Florida, hoe) x3

(Don’t act like you don’t want to hit and run hoe) x3

Verse 2:

Drifting between dimensions (Way in over my head) x3

I didn’t know meth made you leave dimensions (giving and receiving head) x3

Why do you waste time, while girls are single?

Why do you complain about me? I am not just another single

I drifted into the mindset of an angel

You drifted into my set spot of being the devil’s angel

(Drink with me your first world problems) x3


Verse 3:

Why is she feeling so attached to a nigga like me

Why do niggas want to be like me?

(Why do you fall for the same thing?) x3

(Life is a bitch, give her the diamond ring) x3

(Way out of touch in my lair) x2

(But only those out of touch can feel and compare) x2

(Leave your state come to Florida) x3



  • Slowly Dying

Verse 1:

Sitting on thrones, made of clouds

So, I fall down to thorns, made by crowds

Slowly take the cigarette, promise just one

Smoke so many, I must end up with one hundred and one

These little niggas think they are Dalmatians

I got all these niggas thinking I inspired Dalmatians

(Way up, and way down, which is it, slowly dying with a frown) x3


Take me in my dreams with a Bugatti

My internet posts, help more than courtly charities

Apparently, the soul, does not exist

Because if it did, I would be a God to every bodies Nexus

(I get no credit, slowly dying) x3

(The greats never get there, but we keep trying) x3

Verse 2:

Put one alprazolam for anxiety

On top of the table for my sobriety

Lie to the lawyer and drink a special tea

Pinker than the Easter bunny

Prosecutors talking funny, like oh my god honey

Slowly fade away into another Marlboro

This girl is so faded she thinks my dick is a churro

(But when she wakes up, you know) x3


Verse 3:

Turning a drink down, I always do

But I can’t stand down, unless I drink to find the clue

What is the meaning, of a day to day existence?

To fuck, and get luck, or create the luck to fuck?

(Because outside of that, you are dreaming) x3

Ouch I just hurt myself with my logic

(And my cigarette burned my finger like a gothic

I like shaved pussy, prostitutes who can go thick) x2


(The Pretender Short outro)


  • Shackles


(sample of intro “Take You Away Lux Holm”)


(The soul of those off course

I can’t care from here of course) x2

Love the sin, not the sinner

Eat sardines to be a real winner

(Fuck a girl and her friend, which is thinner?) x2

Stuck in Shackles to the wealthy, and the smart

(Shackles guide me to the path, to help others find their art) x2

(You can love a sinner like me, I can’t help until they need me) x2

Verse 1:

Climbing down the heavenly vision

Going to get shot by night vision

Mr. President can’t be on the ringer

They will ask me bullshit which will linger

So how do I unlock the mind, and get on the outside

How do I fly a drone to see the outside?

Do I need to do good works, for my heavenly fathers?

Does religion hold work, for the lowly fathers


Verse 2:

Does a flight solve all the issues one may have?

Does a flight attendant have freedom on social issues?

Of course, they do, the lucky ones

Of course, me and you are through, mind control the lucky ones

Hiroshima schitzo tug, while a model wants to tug

Me off, can this rocket one day blast off?

Am I at war with Microsoft? Am I at war with the jack off

I portray myself to be?

These shackles are the only thing that set me free

Why can’t more of these niggas be in shackles

Hiroshima girls from Japan, killers

Have sex with them, does that make me a killer?


Verse 3:

(Lost in the city, one of many) x2

(Can my mind comprehend the golden city?) x2

What if life was meant to be a race?

But we slowed down because others exited the race

(Can I ever see God’s face? Can I ever be God in the face?

Can a God collapse if his days are numbered?

Can you crack the code, this world is under?) x3



  • Inheritance

Verse 1:

(Falling down into another) x3

Another day, another twin to come my way

Blow all your money

Do blow with girls with no money

They will get sent to rehab

After you wake up immune from rehab

Money protecteth all, even the unsacred

So, if money protects the sacred, why am I naked?

(Make my jack a bit stronger with some shine) x2

(I jack to make my boner stronger in time) x2


(They steal all our inheritances) x2

(They tell us money isn’t real, but it sure does feel) x2

(Broke out of the country, but rich in the state) x2

Numb the pain with pills, and vodka

(Numb the egotistical librarian telling you to stop that) x2

Verse 2:

How can a nigga like me be stopped besides cuffs

(It would take 10 snipers to make me snuffed) x2

The haters don’t want to see legends

They want to witness it all unfold, and crash

I witness to false documents, money laundering stash

They want my website to help the rich become vast

(Let me know when my inheritance is in full

Then we can skip all the bull, and pull, my cock till your mouth is full) x3


Verse 3:

Can a sacred nigga like me even come to a realization?

Am I more than just sensation?

Should I bother helping a jail if my inheritance is still under investigation?

You stole 10 of my inheritances since I was young

So, I had to get arrested, and go to court numb

Off Xanax so I could one day afford every numbing device

To work twice, and thrice, with these idiots about life

Campaign leader in a way

So drunk the next day, but lie about my test postponed another day

(Why do you want Gabe to relapse) x2

(Ask the rehabs about the billions they drained) x2

Will I ever find the right group, and or one?

I am to special online to be the only one, to a special someone

(I would like to be the evil Morty one day) x2

(But I need like 1,000 ricks to guide me, day by day) x2

(If only the right people were by my side, I could achieve anything) x4


  • Black Sheep

(Sample chorus of Cracks In the Paint by INTRN)

Verse 1:

Love does not exist

The government, is our god

The demands are high

So high up, an angel can’t lie

So high, from on high, God is stuck on standby

Glitching the game from the outside

We are on Halo 2 standby

(Exiled from the public for good) x2

(Same chorus)

Verse 2:

What makes one stumble

Why does it take court to be humble?

Why are agencies, and deities at war

Why do the gods not consider if we are pure?

I can’t get level 9 access, that is for sure

But I need a level 9 toilet, to take a shit

So I can outsmart, the government

(This world is cold for the black sheeps) x2

(Young and rich is the thing of movies) x2

(Truly why can’t we get along outside of the movies) x2

(Same chorus)

Outro: (the beat changes to supposed chorus from Q)

(Will she love me as a black sheep?) x2

(Will they love me if my card is black?) x2

(Why do these niggas sing about selling crack?) x2

(White boys, face more slavery then the black

Stolen DNA and delusion is all we have, pray for years in the black) x2

Why does one need to be exiled?

Why is it money and sex are defiled?

(When we all know money and sex are classified as heaven) x3

(Pray for Gabe as I face off against their version of heaven) x3

(For a lifetime) x5


  • Allure 2.0

Verse 1:

The Tear drops

More albums drop

None can create a crop, they flop

Everybody wants to be spark mac or Hop

While the cars roll by an ihop

While a retard buys a big mac

I complain about sperm money stacks

I complain because I want the impossible

I guess it is impossible, for Tom and Bill to talk on CNN

About real life, and leave the phonies on Fox

I say I so many times, the bible dropped

So, I want the position, which can’t be had unless my balls have dropped

So how do you impress people whom can’t be seen?

How do you fuck a teen without them knowing she’s a teen?

(The allure) x2

Chorus :

What brings you bastards closer to nature

Can you be called a God if you can’t survive in nature?

Can the blind see you as the thunder crashes?

Is fame the issue, with personal injury crashes?

Or are we all stuck to our own allure?

Hotel drinking with bimbos, whom only want Colombia pure

To the hotel staff, that spies on the rooms, to say crime is for sure

To the bartender working for a tip

Looking angrily at the patrons who complain, while they sip

(That is the allure of the night life) x2

(That is the allure of life, who is living the right life, I ask twice, and thrice) x3

Verse 2:

I guess I like falling down

Complaining like a kid whose down

While the pains roll by, I sit down

On a cloud, to watch it all go down

Kids growing up to be stuck down town

Dreams are no more like liquid CC

Inside your daughter, from a guy whom you hate

While you dream of girls, that your wife will hate

(The allure of drinking just went up) x2

(The price of drinking never was up, for discussion) x2

(Maybe it is our attitude that needs adjusting) x2

(Humans want everything without giving something) x2


Outro: (Hanging around Serenity “I guess I like being fucked up” part of)


  • High Off Medz

Verse 1:

Why are we wasting our time on a relationship?

Just take these pills, let me grab your hip

Let me just tell you my side of things

Kolodopin, and you, make me blue

(The medication has us fixing to get it on) x2

(The music has us happy, let me show you how it’s done) x2


Why are you wasting time focusing on my flaws

These medications should scare you, Jaws

I like these older women, as long as they pause

(Got a tight grip on you now) x2

(Don’t loosen your grip, hopefully you get it now) x2

(Take me down there, you know I know) x3

Verse 2:

You know how sticky these situations get

You go up higher than me some days

You know I get sticky when your gone for days

So, I need to be higher with the sticky, not to be upset

(Medical situation inside me) x2

(Love will find me, after my death comes by me) x3

You know my music sounds like

What being a Lord in the past, was like

(Why not take these pills, and come to where I stay at?) x3



(Hey listen Zelda, & 50 thousand yen)

  • No Freedom

Verse 1:

Why are these niggas looking for a freedom?

We aren’t in slavery hoe, this was designed for you hoe

The Chanel was designed for any hoe

Why should I do winter hoe

Why should I tour when I could retire the flow?

Why should I even travel if the internet gets me God-Glow

Why should I even ask, when the bimbo can be brought

(Niggas looking for a task, better to just not ask) x3


Morbid thoughts up, and away

(No Freedom today or anyday) x2

(No freedom from anything so it seems) x2

(No freedom when chasing after liquified dreams) x2

(Steal DNA and lie teams) x2

(No freedom, freedom isn’t free) x3

Verse 2:

Why do these cops come to where I stay?

More taxes and drugs coming my way?

Haters would execute me, so I pray

(Demons all over me, but not on a Saturday) x2

(Puppets, doing our bidding, way up from above) x3



(No freedom from these bills) x2

(Freedom to take these pills) x2

(Families hating each other, no wills) x2

(Matter of opinion, on which artist has skills) x2

  • Reality


Tell me the secrets to reality

Do I lose everything, without immortality?

A nigga like me needs sanity, and vanity

Otherwise I might as well quit

Be wise, and I might crack the code, shit

Can I crack the code, the impossible?

How can one gain the support needed?

Where were my enemies when I bleeded?

Maybe one day I will understand

(Far away land, off grid) x3


Oh get me off this drink

Give me a purpose not to think

Or overthink, fuck it I need another one

Take me away from the sun

The fun has only begun, burn like a sun

(Give me a drink of reality) x2

(So this drink makes me feel mortality) x2

(Pour me another to feel brotherly) x2

(Now I understand the narration) x2

Reality is frozen, as are our goals

Verse 2:

Can you step up to the challenge?

Walk away from being that guy

Can you drink like you are invalid?

Walk away from being that guy

Back to the sheets, going to dream again

Maybe if high school had cheat sheets, I could dream again

These walls, these halls, make fun of my echo

Nobody will accomplish anything is the motto

Might as well eat a Gelato

Look at girls and guys prettier than my false bravado

High school sucks, false reality


Verse 3:

Oh, girl step into the image of heaven

That’s what I need to convince myself of times seven

You look so good, why work at 7-11?

You could cause another 9-11

That outfit makes you look fit, bartender another

Don’t tell me about your brother

Tell me about your need to smother, slobber, all over my knob

You want to retire around Cape Cod?

Should I bang you tonight or after a wedding?

(Reality just set in, need another pour) x2

(Reality is a whore, and likes it when you are poor) x2


  • Piano-Soul

(Just the instrumental maybe ad-lib maybe not)


  • Court

Verse 1:

These hoes are trying to call me to court

I gave you the cum, you chose not to abort

Billionaire Gatsby, modern day fort

I dream every time I see the stars

I hate these court rituals, the way cokeheads hate bars

(Just give me more false statements, karma is a bitch) x3


They can’t hold a nigga like me down

They talk like they need to frown

Before they go do hypocritical things

Prosecutors profit off hypocritical things

(Court may be the answer because of laws) x2

(But that cost is higher then my balls) x2

(Make friendly with the sheriff to abort, court) x2

Verse 2:

Divorced families fighting over nonsense

While the judge is texting his girl for coke sense

While the prosecutor wants a promotion

For recruiting more useless devotion

(What can you do in court besides lie?) x2

(Should we all suffer because you live a lie?) x2

(Forgive me, but love doesn’t work I’ve tried) x2



The judges can afford nice homes thanks to us

Thanks to guys who can’t meet an Elan Musk

They profit off our DNA like a must

And tell us you need a job or bend over it’s a must

So, what can I do with this abusive trust?

I don’t get to see an internet trust?

Besides what could be oversees?

Or offers, a catch for whomever sees?

(Court is just a way to suck us dry) x2

(An Asian woman could do that even if I was dry) x2


  • Nightly Vision

Verse 1:

Can one see what is on high?

Making a Psalms for my soul

Sold on high to an Elysium I can’t drive by

(Nightly tremors, and Nightly emotions)

(Nightly rumors, and never-ending commotion) x2


The world fades into a pitch

So dark I can’t ask questions, or make a pitch

We all want to get laid and keep our shit

(So, these nightly visions will fall before) x2

(Nightly vision keeps the hope of the future) x2

(I need to adore this vision, or the eternity of others stays poor) x2

Verse 2:

Can I fix the riddle to our universe?

Yes I could, but not in this verse

Jay-Z was the God, Abraham just needed a job

Kanye was the lightning rod, Isaac was just a blow job

The bible told me another riddle

About how we should all belittle and be little

(Wake me up from their mistakes) x2

(Wake me up before you cook steaks) x2

(Infiltrate groups with high stakes) x2



The Nightly Vision putting me fast to sleep

I was never good at being asleep as a sheep

I am a perv and I do like to peep

But I do reap what I sow, happy leap

(When the dome closes the curtain closes) x2

(The world hides the truth for the closest) x2

(Keep your wealth up there, in the heavens) x2

(My wealth stays down here, bringing down heavens) x2


  • Airline Clones

Verse 1:

The world has collapsed into no more deities

It is dangerous to play

The world has to many false deities

Airline clones must get pregnant or they pay

The earth has no purpose

We live in a dome surface

(Way up they watch us from thrones)

(Airline clones hope to make it, through clones) x2


She might say, daddy what do you need?

You might say, oh dear God, and plant your seed

Airline Clones are the best for the moment

But you wake up realizing the penalty is your atonement

(These clones getting to be the norm)

(What will you do when your child can’t stand out) x2

Verse 2:

She wakes up to put on that outfit

She goes to sleep hoping she can fit

Because she ate a little bit

She needs a good man but they no longer exist

Plus, can one good man do better with many?

Or is that a myth? Why hide death, it can only co-exist



Airline clones are stuck obeying the false 1%

While the real 1% fuck with the bottom 1%

And the IRS wants to set up traps for any cent

While trespassing is illegal, to save those who can save others

So passing through with guns is legal, but no aiding others

(Clones can’t accomplish what we can)

(Be unique and be unstoppable, the plan) x2

(These girls depend on pregnancy for their life) x3

(I depend on a corrupt attorney to save my new life) x3


  • Winter Park


Winter Park calm and secluded

Very medicated super diluted

Winter Park PD says can this nigga prove it?

Like the ATF I just prove it, by shitting on it

(Winter Park you raised me into a zombie)

(Medicated me to love mommy) x2

(I hope your kid doesn’t love their mommy) x2

Verse 1:

Oh baby girl step into the winter park mansion

Cocaine is illegal but the attorneys let it slide

Oh baby girl she says to her little girl

While another man lands in jail for being the good guy

Bloody fist fight, bloody night

Should I be blamed for all your problems?

What is the point of this fight?

(Shouldn’t I solve bigger problems, with my cock?

Shouldn’t you respect that?) x2


Verse 2:

Wake up drowsy with another wasted day

Could have flown to give it all away

But instead Winter Park

Stood by my side all the way

Oh look the cop car is coming my way

For a bigger delivery on medication

For hyper active fucking and major sedation

While they ring my phone up, like a space station

(Look up at the stars while we are blazed)

(Look the cop brought us meth and donuts, glazed) x2

(Happy winter park) x2


Verse 3:

Do you know what these niggas hate most?

The fact that they can’t come back down

I got so high up, my mind cracked, psychotic clown

So everyday when I talk, I presume they want a clown

I just hide behind the tears of a clown

I relapsed on Marlboro, after the mental facility let me down

(The first cigarette like a stewardess would have

The first let down, of knowing the world passes you by) x2

(Why can’t I leave this place, Winter Park you love me so?) x2

(Let me just fly away for a while) x2


  • The Breath


(One whole verse long)

The breath of the wicked

(The breath of the simple) x2

I just wanted some air from all the drunken stupidity

Prostitutes and fast cars, I prefer the first

(Take me down to a temple) x2

(Take my breath away, with simplicity) x2

Let my anger melt in the palm of God

Or is it the gods, did I take to many, so I see to many?

Leave the message in code

Let the children follow it, before I explode

The bomb in my chest is ticking

The norm wears a vest, the plot is thickening

Oh holy night, one Miami girl

One holy night, maybe a few special girls

(Let me know when it all goes down) x2

(For now let the judge let me down) x2

Because we rise from the bottom

Even of a bottle, or a model

What is your priority?

Should I even follow?

Are you sentimental?

Have you lost your mental?

Take a breath, relax

(Drinking is required) x2

(If you aren’t in the game, you are fired) x2

(Take me away miss officer, to your chamber) x5

*beat changes*


(long freestyling ad-libbing)

[Take me down, let me get as high as you]

[The real one percent can make it come true]

[But what would you do, for them?]

[Can your head be awoken?]

[Can you understand energy unspoken?]

(repeat mix, ad-lib several times)