21st Project: Enoch The Saint Exiting Wormhole (13 Scariest Theories on Youtube! & Tears in The Rain The Weeknd Video)

I have so many videos and songs on YouTube I want to share I want to fly away like a fairy weeee, we can fly “We all jump off the empire state building together maybe we go to heaven.” 

“Look daddy, Maybe if I hug God real hard he will save us. from the…”- Godfellas Bender as God in space LOL

21th album OMG Augusto you have to stop: I am like an addict with this shit, remember things can change not saying Kanye will be on the hook that would be great but I do have secret plans and surprises if I make it out of the ryker’s islands for that old bag of meth.


21th Album:

Enoch The Saint Exiting Wormhole


24 Tracks 3 skits and 21 songs:


T1 Enoch and God Skit

T2 A Real Boy

T3 Dragon Boy

T4 Trouble 2

T5 The Saints

T6 Exiting My Reality

T7 Alternative to Bull

T8 Center of Demons

T9 Anime Porn Talk Skit

T10 Dark Web Negotiation Skit

T11 Dark Web Stock

T12 Hispanic Boys

T13 Little Girl Sing

T14 Golden Car

T15 Mistakes Were Made

T16 Lost my Head

T17 Kingly Robe

T18 Enoch

T19 Deities of Old

T20 The Gods Return

T21 Nova Star Boy

T22 Visiting The Sky 2

T23 Sponge Bob

T24 The Face Mask Family

You know if I could record music every day and pay my producer all the time I would just for the fun of it, but then he would expect the tail that comes with it shame shame lol.

Clip 1: 13 Scariest Theories that will make your blood run Cold. Love this video pretty deep, as you know Gab3 likes huuuuymmm huuuymm with me now, I like those conspiracies and theories of origins aliens etc. So enjoy they did a wonderful job love the guys voice sounds like cum is still stuck in his throat.

Clip 2: More personal favorites fuck mee!! although I would fuck up the relationship and leave her for a younger girl who is 15 or 13 I don’t know depends on where I am living and what contract I am under.

“Can 13 year olds sign contracts?” In Dubai they might LOL