22nd Project: The Kings of War “T.K.O.W” & Interesting thoughts (Escape Everything Chill Mix)


Since I can’t predict all my future in music and it is more of a hobby even though I am downloaded like diamond x 10 probably, it is all for the love of it. So if things change or features or weird changes happen along the way that is fine it is still a surprise. I sometimes record a song or a few and I realize how different it sounds when done and how it needs more addition or removal or some sort of sound effects etc.

We do the best we can for now I hope you enjoy looking into my head.


22nd Album:

The Kings of War


17 Tracks


T1 Amazed & Dazed

T2 Youthful

T3 Odd Ball

T4 Lock Out

T5 Sniper of Love

T6 Fascinating

T7 What if I don’t care?

T8 Do You Even Care?

T9 Pissed Kid

T10 Possession Charge

T11 Junkies Skit

T12 Historical Beauty

T13 Never Afraid

T14 Chaos Eyes

T15 Godly Closing

T16 She is Evil

T17 King of Pain


Clip: Escape Everything A Chill Mix