6th Album Track List “The Fallen Angel God 2 Rebellion of Spies, The Illuminati” (Plus 1 clip: Surprise)

I was looking at my website like I usually do over and over. Certain posts I tend to be more proud of, I have that Super Sayian pride inside of me, like Vegita and Goku.

But the thing is, I want to appeal to more audiences, staying underground. I mean hell would be great if one day I could have my own fully equipped studio in my mansion in Portugal and Spain etc. And just dish records out with Drake as his alias, and other musicians, and hopefully keep my nigga iQue by my side. He has been down with me since day one, you won’t find him online he is a secret producer, it isn’t that black guy that pops up when you Google iQue. Or that Nintendo controller. I told him I would downgrade his Ferrari to a BMW i8 if he made another snarky remark. Below that would be a soccer mom’s BMW X5, no lower since I love him.

I hope you enjoy the track list, we are going to focus 100% on 5th project “Night Time In Club Paradise” 15 tracks on it. But all lyrics are done, can’t promise dates, life is unexpected but music and websites is all I do besides play with myself to Lady Gaga’s music.

I will leak the lyrics to this album in the future, not sure if in parts or all at once.

Enjoy: plus the clip below:


The Fallen Angel God 2 “Rebellion of Spies, The Illuminati”

3 Skits and 20 songs. 23 Tracks total…


1- God Doesn’t Forgive Skit (Play some collapsing music, random dark simplicity)

2- Full of Depression Skit (Priests & Gabe & Chris Hansen dialogue)

3- Shady Haze (Free Spirit Drake and Ross)

4- Lambo Veneno (Devil In A New Dress)

5- Bisexual Courage (Wicked Ways Eminem)

6- Lucifer Can See (Teenage Fever Drake)

7- Dark Vapor (4422 Drake)

8- Trumpet Celebration (Trophies Drake & All Me Drake more so the second one)

9- Consideration (Liquor Chris Brown)

10- Mentally Ill (Criminal Eminem)

11- Still Don’t Give A Fudge (Power Kanye West & Hell Of a Life Kanye)

12- Narcotics Anonymous (Angels On The Moon Thriving Ivory “But hip-hop ish version of it)

13- Attorney vs Prosecutor (Venus Vs Mars Jay-Z)

14- Reminder (Bad Meets Evil from Slim Shady LP)

15- Illuminati Rebel (Kill For You Eminem & Skylar)

16- Nigga lost his mind… Shady God… Skit (If you put kanyes screams from Otis in the background)

17- Alien DNA (Katy Perry Alien & Anything Can Happen Armin Van Buuren)

18- My Own Way (Evil Twin Eminem)

19- Deeper Understanding (Lord Lord Lord Kanye and others)

20- The Beautiful Ones (Christian Dior Demin Flow)

21- Fortune Code (Gorgeous Kanye West Dark Fantasy album)

22- Just Call Me God (Underground Kings Drake)

23- Fallen Angel God (See Me Now Kanye West, Beyonce)



Gabeism Format Bold= singing Non-bold = rapping, talking, etc…

Track 1 God Doesn’t Forgive Skit

Track 2 Full of Depression Skit

Track 3 Shady Haze

Track 4 Lambo Veneno

Track 5 Bisexual Courage

Track 6 Lucifer Can See

Track 7 Dark Vapor

Track 8 Trumpet Celebration

Track 9 Consideration

Track 10 Mentally Ill

Track 11 Still Don’t Give A Fudge

Track 12 Narcotics Anonymous

Track 13 Attorney Vs Prosecutor

Track 14 Reminder

Track 15 Illuminati Rebel

Track 16 Nigga lost his mind… Shady God… Skit

Track 17 Alien DNA

Track 18 My Own Way

Track 19 Deeper Understanding

Track 20 The Beautiful Ones

Track 21 Fortune Code

Track 22 Just Call Me God

Track 23 Fallen Angel God

Not entirely sure if features will be made, the thing is I want to feature like 2 or 3 artists, and give them a chance, I may just feature a friend for something silly. But the message needs to be bigger then myself, it has to be a huge playground for all walks of life, free to download as always. I mean if you had billions cumming your way from your DNA wouldn’t you give your music out for free?

I hope I get to work with my favorites one day. Enjoy this clip below: May the gods be with you NIGGA… *Blimp flies by* “Black guy shoots gun at Gabe”

The Good Old Days: remember when Kid Buu destroys all of planet Earth? And Goku takes Vegeta and others with him to a planet far away using Instant Transmition. One day we will be able to have I.T. just to teleport to other planets as immortals. And who knows maybe beating each other up is a real sport on vacant planets, without getting injured.