9 Videos + Example of my destiny in detail + My video game leak the impossible! + lonely thoughts for other loners… (be back 4/17/2020)

You know if it isn’t music or ranting it is my beautiful game design and smoking to many cigarettes. I have only 3d models of Zelda Ocarina of Time, but I guess as I get older I want to make this into a private game with the company Jagex and one day make it public which would be gruelingly hard, so maybe my website can work to my advantage to make these odd strong ideas come true one day or pass it on to my children’s children. Click here to download and unzip on computer (I removed the GD links but its a lot.)

You know as I look forward over if I should fly or not when court is over, after this Corona scam I wonder the consequences of me working with Jag the company exchanging info with attorneys or CIA or whatever. And that Portugal area I want more then anything, would be cool if I could skip Switzerland. Because I would beg Bill for his help or Ash etc. LOL. Hope you enjoy just a good laugh and like “Shit this would be too good, no duh.”

Videos 9: epic playlist of Gabe…

Video 1: Future Mask Off Lyric Video (Drinking and getting high with the Slut Dragon scene)

Video 2: Future Never Stop

Video 3: Blood on the Money Future…

Video 4: Jumpin on a Jet Future

Video 5: Future Rocket Ship

Video 6: Kanye West and Pump ft. Adele “I love It Hoe”

Video 7: Top 5 combo contest N64 2018 smash con, prince and others.

Video 8: Percocet Rick and Morty Dragon scene long edition.

Video 9: BillBoard Top 50 songs this week top songs 2020 (DJ NKV)