CLASSIFIED long message from Gabe + 5 audios, and 3 videos and improvement advice, EPIC. WOA mind blowing. Lyrics Leak 2 songs.

5 sample audios I am using for album 12. trying to meet a deadline before my date etc.

3 videos let me explain the Voice of God is real it is the 1% at the top in the heavens who protect the delusion below, it is possible that Doug is referencing good and evil by talking about the divine murder at the top which is why it is hard to get jobs in the army and CIA, and what can and can’t be leaked, plus what is selfishness and how to give to others. How can a man walk with God like Enoch, and become immortal be a good guy? How many schools or jails would he have to help? And is money the only priority? Networks? friendships? and the sacrifice of children.

Lol I show one of those photos because as soon as I made my post with the 14 videos and the track list of 12, I saw with my own eyes a gold plane with writing that was blue on it, fly diagonally LITERALLY they always fly straight over me or sometimes sideways, and I have seen this occur a lot since I smoke in my backyard area a lot. And it was epic I gave the middle finger to my own two eyes, because I know that glasses and eye sockets can be bugged by the CIA. Which is epic, I like it, so I flicked the captains I may have to work one day with, I mean how do you elevate as a Saint but yet be a devil so one day you meet devil leaders as you create revolution? A bit of Bill Gates, Chris Brown, and Saul from Homeland in me.

And seriously I say I so many times the bible dropped, can’t have the position till my balls have dropped- my own song from 10th album, I make fun of myself as should you, if murder in the sky was not a real thing we could legalize drugs overnight. Which we should even though they will coke me up wherever I go, and my friends will beg for money. 🙂 LOL Jagex is gonna kill me when I ask for heavenly videos from ash. And Andrew will say bull, and Ian will say I will visit.

I believe in murder hell some people should be offed. LOL gonna wait till the 31st for the next post, and may create a tab called Legal one day, who knows Footage of anything technically I can leak anything, as I live with my parents on probation waiting for good news. Years by the way I put into my website so one day I can show off my money and Bugatti. (ELEVATE) drake says and Eminem says (DESTROY) can they co-exist?

Videos 1: San Holo brighter days ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Video 2: Hearing the voice of god with doug

Video 3: Futrue Ridin Strikers

Leaking 2 songs I wrote on my phone, lmao sprint companies in orlando are mad at me that I don’t sell it, it is OLD as fuck, Samsung 8 or something like that, and it is worth like 100m in Dubai or Swiss if you don’t get shot, and on top of that I will deal with Morgan who is like a tough guy in disguise and Marlboro deals funny. I am gonna stay back and sleep with the prosecutor. I put that in my lyrics. Mark o mara hates me. This is the new way to enter the CIA and make the website eternal 🙂 expose fat disguises can drugs be carried in the stomach are people not as fat as they claim?

My site is for learning and elevating otherwise you are a retard and would hate it. Retards hate progression.

Track 1: Bugatti Crime

Bugatti crime

Verse 1:
Hit that like a bugatti
Shes mad about her ferrari
Pardon me mind contol hari kari
Pardon me R kelly swag average civilian
Bugatti thoughts fag beverage sag my pance civilian
A juvenile delinquent taught by hard ones
Very delinquent to the point of God ones
Judging my moves as i slide
The law i do abide as i reside in your girls slip and slide

Bugatti crime for the releast nigga
Ique and me agaisnt the realest nigga
Swag drown in a bugatti like a young thug nigga
Forever billions dreaming of divine murder on my enemies
Bugatti thoughts millions of kids dreaming as the ancestors hide divine murder of their enemies

Verse 2:
Taking shit like a host so stern
Was higher then howard stern
Without having 420 to burn
I always earn my way to the top
Narcacistic saint and i love lady taint
I can’t faint because my life is eternal paint
Have to elevate as a saint
While keeping my asian brothers close
To a toast for the most
Let us boast and sing till we hit a billion on a post


Verse 3:
A bugatti goes skrrr
These niggas go ehhhhh
Shady god goes yeah yeah alright alright alright
I stand for the good fight fight fight
My mind is out of sight
CIA wants me to blind everybody’s sight
Just don’t give up life is a crime
To succeed is a crime
My bugatti could be a crime
Bugatti in orlando is a way to show off
I jack off that’s one bugatti and girls show off
To enter my car
Fuck her up like a scar
I can mar anybody with the website bar
Because im a superstar
Will be immortal walking on a star
Cocaine is a fuel to make a baby star
Watch a nigga like me go far



Track 2: Puppet of Fetishes

Puppet of fetishes

Puppet swag up to the sky
Puppet of fetishes relax dont cry
Gotta love her feet and ass
Gotta be above the CIA class
I take a meth hit then pass
Coke in the nose to avoid class
Fuck a prosecutor to get a pass

Verse 1
She would not understand beauty
She is stubborn no booty
Itty bitty tits and thinks shes a cutie
But i fuck her till she drowns in the ocean
Feds watching my back cum money of an ocean
Perfect devotion, the puppet master
Controlled by puppeteers up above
Unfolded by a sexy prosecutors love


Verse 2
I got the mind control pino grinot
I got the promerhazine in the home, a nigga gringo
Such a nigga gringo i mix the wine with the codeine
Makes me crazy Augusto get a fix with a line its fine
Watching youtube girls with sexy feet
I got in trouble for thinking the ass was my piece of meat
Always elite always elite
Puppet master of fetishes
I make guys and girls sexually embellish


Verse 3 short
I let the snow ride down my dick
She snorts it makes me seem thick
Thick headed dick, thats gabe
A lick of this will get your girl quick
On both knees sea sick
While she flies the child away daddy is sick
Fucking like the world is gonna end
Dad is such a prick
Gabe your such a prick
Girls want cocaine on my prick

(Outro sample of rayman 2 hall of doors)


Track 3: Final Exam (the next)