First Wave of 6 Songs from 9th album + Long updat3 + (3 Videos: Privilege The Weeknd, Walter White 3 Amigas lol I am Espanol so I understand, Jeezy Talking bout Put On hmm I wonder why 8th album?)

Enjoy the 3 videos. No Gallery :O 6 of the songs on the 9th album. Lyrics epic and awesome teamwork. It is a privilege to have this website, one of the few freedoms I have still. Thanks for cumming. Enjoy the videos below.

“The best way to say I love you is to show how much you hate someone? This sounds like my what is up is down what is wrong is right? I guess capitalism can sometimes to a degree over rule truth/morality/etc.”- Gabe the 6 billion dollar man on South Park they are still taxing my sperm money.

You could imagine I wonder how does it look on the people who were supposed to do right by me? They do the following:

1- Micro chip me multiple times now I have to live with being recorded all my life, which is not always about protection.

2- Years have gone by since my arrest I think in 2015 or 2016. Volunteered Probation they call it. Getting mixed signals from different parties in my life, I guess drug immunity does not apply when you live rent free in a mansion in Florida, even though that mansion was earned by your Sperm. ??? really?

3- So I guess I receive 8 billion instead of 2? Because I would have been happy with a simple 100 million out of the billions they made at 20 or 18 years of age or even 10 million in a 100 million dollar trust fund. Clearly this is a little too late, otherwise I would have it by now. But now I am on the cops radar.

4- I told my therapist, “bitch get out my bed” lol no really I told that hoe after she bought me a drink of coffee, from Harbucks. I wanted Tweek Coffee, I said… Did you see what the WPPD did on the website for me? I am like should I call one of these cops or send an email ask for help to smoke pot, like all I want is to smoke pot? WTF I can’t? My parents aren’t against it, it is apparently my doctors The Zan I mentioned. And Farmer two full of it cops dressed as goodie 2 shoes.

5- So Now I am left in a conundrum because is it even worth going through all that trouble? I mean I still do lots of chores about daily to get an allowance and with my job on top of it at my dads company. I would not be willing to work full time and move out like some of you have. Why the fuck would I do that?

6- My lung cancer bill is running up the wall, make it 10 billion I have been stuck to cigarettes. I feel like I am part of an experiment I literally have a camera pointed at me outside where I smoke we got like 15 cameras all around the house I feel stupid as fuck does Carrot Top have this security? I see the same cars on the road so I know cops go undercover like I am the president and I feel bad for them because imagine if something happened to me on the road, the billions of dollars from stolen BLOOD MONEY would not go into the pockets of the IRS, police, community leaders, and new lawmakers who think Pot is freedom? It is good but Meth is real freedom my friend you can fuck an old guy same feeling as a young girl who is 15 or 20 tight.

7- Okay done this was fun, and seriously I would just volunteer for jail and I did my lawyer is pissed, and I even asked my therapist but it is medical here? Why can’t mark do me the courtesy of setting a meeting so I can at least smoke Pot while I wait these years bullshitting. You know what I mean right? So I guess now they are trying to legalize 2020 oh dear God. How do I decide in this eternal limbo.

8- And I don’t want to seem like a Jackass but if I was to break my “fake probation” and the fact that Hurricane Dorane happened literally the day before I was supposed to go to court to see more niggers running around. While they call me delusional or incompetent is this correct more niggers? Please I got niggers on my side also, who do you think I am? I am Gabe I come from nothing, everything I have is borrowed I do not own these things.

9- And ye lastly thanks for putting up with my bullshit because truthfully I have no idea what to do. But I may go to Miami soon going to be fun when we have like 1,000-5,000 cop cars and military drones tracking our location and following us on the 4 hour trip for a few nights I will not be posting those nights we will see, but we will gather content, probably no video I tend to be private. Pardon me I make nothing from my website they will not let billionaires send me offers of anything. But thankfully my smelly foot videos on youtube helped me gain what 400 million + followers world wide. That is still good.

Stay Safeeeeee

Lol for those of you who have seen my old books I put Eternal Watchers a lot, it is a reference to my religious belief of alien beings who watch humans and who created us and maybe some of us are them downgraded to this life of sin. By sin I mean the opposite of what normal religion teaches, sigh. They put Watcher as a job thing on that cop site in my local area lol. My friends who have drug immunity or at least por IDs can’t give me the connections they have, so annoying. I probably have 100,000 idiots trying to learn from my case? Why so they can steal? I want to learn how to steal like the rehabs. Guess what not the same results buddy. Like my buddy Mike says “Buddy”……..

Video 1: The Weeknd Privilege

Video 2: Jeezy Says Kanye Wrote his Put On Verse In 10 minutes & rapped it to him over the phone. Recently Released haha awesome. “I was listening to my Will Smith CD then I heard a fire.” – Forgot About Dre.

Video 3: Walter White Habla Espanol Con tres Senoras… LOL QUE? 😀