“Oh my Oh my go at it Gabe. a billion followers one day.” + Almost 100 Photos + Message + Part 2 Interview with King 30 minutes+ Que and me working on Lyrics for next album + 1 Video: Drug Ballad Song

So ye shout out to Mason G from sound cloud, Local Orlando guy. I interviewed him a long time ago but I lost it. I care about him, I sort of grew up with him in school. I met him once and chilled as an adult sorry I lost the interview and his contact info.

Enjoy the photos and the interview with KING. And enjoy the lyrics for the next album and the old Eminem song. Bill Gates my first father and Eminem my second. “Whose your daddy?” “Suck It Gabe” – Que said it. :O iQue

Oh sexy photos be aware explicit. I had the house to myself for the night, my dog was all over me LOL she is my daughter. Black lab. Woke me up at 4am to shit come on.