08) The Immortals & Alphas & Omegas Free 19 Tracks 8th album here to download and listen to on the website…

I hope you enjoy. Click here to download the free 19 tracks, all clean no bootlegs Protools and those sort of programs clean the ripped instrumentals good. ALL FREE, I try to give credit to each artist if you pay attention to the name on your computer/iPod/phone/etc.

I also placed all 19 Tracks here in the audio player. Take care. (cool side note if you wanted an album cover for those of you that care just get a cute pic of me and put it on your iPod Playlist or Album Cover. I think playlist may work better since it is free music.)

Starting Next projects soon got like 40 or 60 albums in my lifetime I don’t know. lol Will try to keep tracks from 16-26 tracks per album ignore the ones that say only 8 tracks. I tend to like bulk done.