The different kinds of T.H.O.Ts (That hoe over there.)

Thots different kinds:

1. The skinny self abosrbed thot, she thinks she is above everyone and her body would sleep with her own brother before sleeping with a real man she defines a real man as someone who doesn’t understand facts in the world she is delusional in her thinking. She only thinks of herself.

2. Thick thots they have a bad atmosphere about them and also in delusional thinking they think they know more about a man then what a man knows about himself. I once gave my number to a girl that wanted to talk to me and she was so delusional she decided not to call me or text me.

3. In conclusion thots go to school they ruin the college experience for others they come skinny and fat. They sometimes work at restaurants and only look out for themselves I purposely hire escorts in Miami because it is delusional free. They come they want to fuck and please you for a price.

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