6 Videos: 3 Facts & Best Gif ever made by Gabe top 10 (with gabe in it N64 Classic)

Videos: 6 Lol enjoy the annoying Gif I made took up a lot of space you will see it a lot. Mother filmed me 😀

Fact 1: Does the government put shockers in our bodies for those of us with super natural powers? As humans to hide our powers? Our special DNA?

Fact 2: Isn’t Looper one of the sexiest and darkest movies ever made? Ye.

Last Fact: Why do I use Windows 7? It is better than all the other programs out there, well music producers can do Apple.

Video 0: Looper Movie Clip (The Rain Maker)

Video 1: Novacane (Frank Ocean)

Video 2: TRAPPIN IN P A R A D I S E 50 (Rick and Morty high in space)

Video 3: Waves Kanye West ft. Chris Brown. Yipeee 2 of my favs in 1.

Video 4: Belly- Might Not ft. The Weeknd Music video.

Video 5: Frank Ocean Music Video. Novacane.