Technology Depth with Phantom + Interviewing Don Putofo + 2 Throw back songs I have posted before + Message + Gallery enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the gallery, the 2 new recordings download optional but you can listen to me interviewing Don Putofo from Mexico Oy he is one horny crazy man. And I recommend you start with me and Phantom on the following: Spies in New York how they operate, how they are immune from many crimes, and how they hide in high rise buildings and get blackmail which can sometimes be a good thing. Starts simple the recording works its way up to conspiracies.

Talking With Phantom about the spies in New York, more about Sperm Theories relating to it, coordinates how do you arrest these spies? Should all of us just become spies? Should my sort of content become common amongst the public? Should Congress change how they talk and just talk as themselves fun loving sinners, because we all sin and the real criminals are Sperm thieves? Hmm… Obvio but how would I get my money? THEY COULD ASK when I was 14 or 16 or 18, why make me wait so long? So lost…

This recording is me interviewing Don Putofo he has wild sex stories I tried to take him seriously, Geez. Will I ever be able to interview billionaires or hot girls opening up? On Camera for you guys? Enjoy.

This here is the tracklist ROUGH DRAFT I am positive it will be 25 tracks 9th project is 26 tracks it has 2 skits and surprises in it after songs. But the names would change once recorded, sort of like how the 8th project had many different concepts I published before it was official. All free as usual Enjoy looking: And I believe you can find the name of the 10th on the home page 🙂 In case you wonder I buy or rip or both the instrumentals and the songs and sometimes only my producer makes something out of it or we mix it together and make magic. Spirit of the Gods on Earth through our magical computers and voices… 😀

10th album Lyrics: Hot Hot

  1. Blood Money War (Saddest Face Remix)
  2. Laugh About It (Red Eye Remix)
  3. 100,000 Angels (Angel Weeknd Remix Transitions look at concepts list)
  4. Godly Thoughts (Caligula Remix and have a transition in the middle light with piano)
  5. Hotel Night Dreams (Orignal chill hotel type mix starry night piano)
  6. Sweat (Bow Wow & Wayne)
  7. Gold Roses (Rick Ross & Drake, Sample Singer for a muted part)
  8. Pop Style (Drake)
  9. Attention (The Weeknd)
  10. 9 (Drake)
  11. My Side (Drake)
  12. How Bout Now (Drake)
  13. Crew Love (Drake)
  14. My Dad’s Gone Crazy (Eminem)
  15. TKO (Justin Timberlake)
  16. Allure (Jay-Z + Piano cover, so instru/piano cover)
  17. Spaceship Coupe (Justin Timberlake)
  18. No Tellin (Drake + Chill Sounds Hotel Night P2 maybe add sample Singer etc.)
  19. Star67 (Drake)
  20. By Your Side (Sampling Azaleh Moonlight & Azaleh By Your Side)
  21. Heaven Waits for You (Sampling Oleg Byonic Wait for You & OB Broad Expanse of Heaven)
  22. Not Alone (CMA You are not alone & Cold Jorge Mendez)
  23. Fallen Angel to The Rescue (look at 10th ideas concept to understand with lyrics)
  24. Ordinary Life (The Weeknd)
  25. Amnesia (Piano Cover outro part & Use original non vocal parts for beat of this)

Reposting 2 old songs I love on Night Time In Club Paradise unique beat but I took ideas from both songs and made it “Most Kings Are See Through”. Epic… Look at Jay the Homeland Bodyguard who connects to the people and Chris Breezy who can look fly as the NSA TSA airpot captain spy. Running the controls. I need to get tats on my neck one day and other parts.

Video 1:

Video 2: