I am still fucking with Crime because Crime pays. I got arrested Now Sperm Money on the way…

Biography & History is a nice slow process. We will see, like smelly feet, or that coke whore you keep on the side. Lucifer Can See. 🙂

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1st Wave of 10

  1. History of childhood Sex “So hot”
  2. History of Lucifer selling my soul
  3. Why Little Girls are so cute…
  4. History with My Parents Part 1
  5. History with My Parents Part 2
  6. Surprise
  7. Surprise
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2nd Wave Of 10











Why little girls be cute. and Philosophy…

So is it possible that girls lose beauty at 12 and gain feisty at 13. And gain at 16 a Rep hopefully, and at 20 they are rebels, and at 25 or 30 they are just UGHHHH annoying. But good Dana Gordons etc. are born. But I don’t deserve good girls I want the bad […]

History of Lucifer Selling My Soul… (2 Videos: Gryffin Tie Me Down, Yellow Tape Chris…)

What does it mean to sell your soul to Lucifer? How did we get here on Earth? Who decides right and wrong? Are man made laws better then natural Godly Laws by the gods? Don’t we look at the facts? No we do not. Lastly Why are kids so cute. Here Videos to share: Video […]

History of Childhood Life “Proving a Point”

Why is it that pedophilia is so bad. I mean kids are cute to touch and fondle. But anyways my childhood was good. The Sex was hot and heavy. 10 Year Old Girls coming onto my 9 year old dick I mean what the fuck your a year older then me get off my tiny […]