When Black-holes & Morals Get Fixed Up & Shot Down Vol.2 + 4 videos (rare)

Military shields us from what is outside. Because one group is murder exonerated. And the other group is ignorance and every little thing is a crime. We are split into societies civilizations. Dogs probably didn’t exist for 200 years until Dog Gods half human half dog created them to sell through our military.

Video games might have existed for 500 years. Vaporizers which kill instantly are hidden in between us and the real truth outside. People like Morgan freeman represent the holy side of god and good deeds. He brings love truth and understanding to movies. While some don’t understand both sides must learn to co-exist one day.

Imagine flying a helicopter straight up if they don’t choose to vaporize your helicopter instant burn no scraps falling to earth. Stars and moons are fake. They leave us the illusion. The sun might actually exist as a vaporizer to kill those on impact. Like the care why should you. Everything is about covering up neutralizing like killing the people who keep drugs illegal is a good thing. But down in our reality you can be tried for murder unless you hide in upper society divine murder.

And they can control funds of many down here. So, fame makes you a target to them. Thankfully the ones who live in “so called outer space” in Portugal are different than the ones above Florida. Not realizing they helped create delusion. To hurt each other with disorders. I kept googling not many speak about this.

Video 1: Halo CE Done in 1:09:55 (Legendary speed-run) Holy shit Goblin is FAST at this game he teleport s and bounces with grenades above the clouds.

Video 2: 2007 MLG Las Vegas National Championships- Final Boss Vs Carbon.

Video 3: Best music 2017 Gaming music EDM trap Electronic.

Video 4: The Dream “Hard 4 Me”