Conspiracy Thoughts 101 Fun + Rihanna Good girl Gone Bad: Reloaded + 2 Gatsby Videos

Conspiracy Thoughts 101 Fun + Rihanna Good girl Gone Bad: Reloaded + 2 Gatsby Videos

Well good news of Courage show I bought iTunes all 4 seasons since YouTube only has 2 seasons to share them for the future here and there. Had to buy my own show what a shame.

The Government Definition:

Government is your mother or father, or the cop in the scene, the government is not a real deity, the people at the top along with deity life have controlled us at the bottom it is a test, is not the full honest answer it is half of the answer, the other half is not forgetting we all play an important role with everybody around us, so to live as a God on the Internet like Gabe is important.

When you take up the burden of sin, what your mind perceives to be as potent since that becomes a powerful drive to make it, thus you become a part of something as you go along. When you stumble you get back up? Of course, you do.

Lmao some of you guys some annoying things Augusto says to people:

Let’s all have a piece of apple pie and go home (from American Gangster rephrased)

If I got in a lot of trouble or just wanted to have fun.


That’s right, that’s right (from Denzel or Jay Z I forget where I heard that one.)

And the one Walt does

(I liked it… I like it… I love it… The tone of it has to be dark) from Breaking bad.

The stupid things Augusto says: everything. (universal acceptance.)

Some of my old friends always called me “Bill” because of my old iBillGatesi and my old Number1OnForbesList Vlog YouTube account.

That was my Youtube Career for a long time, and years later waking up from the delusion of the family holding everything against me and charges brought on me and learning how to improve my website with little limitations, which helped me understand religion and the face mask community of the C.I.A all around me.

I will always feel guilty for not accomplishing what could be done tomorrow, or in a week from today, whatever that great thing may be, but the burden will always be in your soul, this is why some people become full time drug dealers with good immunity, or mothers, or fathers, or both, etc.

Words are a mind fuck, and life is a mind fuck, so why even bother getting mad about it, I mean I just got like 5 more songs to record for this Project 13, and 3 of the 5 are skits, and once we are done the stupid silly Augusto will hang up his top hat of comedy for a month or two, till all 43 tracks have been mixed and mastered, may even aim for 60 tracks exactly with little to no skits, and a lot of ripped instrumentals bootleg in general and some I made.

I feel like giving this music to the internet is my duty to my fellow man to just be a good musician and to be decent and it allows a gateway into a new physical reality I may live in one day, life will probably be more difficult for some of us depending on our personality type. Honestly, I can sum up the last topic easily.

(The 5 categories of web design from Gabe’s point of view, or you can just call me Bill.)

You are either making a silly website which probably not one person will look at because you got paid to post an Article about the dangers of smoking etc.


Or You are trying to sell a product of some kind and it is full of ads, and this is depression times 10 in my opinion. Even for a guy like Drake, when do they let Drake (post his thoughts carefully?) well if Drake does work as a lure expert or as some sort of deity that is fine, but they would make it impossible they own his identity. (His music is amazing, if you hear mine you see the hypnotism I had to adopt from his art.)


The other kind of website would be a sub website, posting your thoughts and feelings, and this is the website I once had, my first one was like this (You just practice, and post.) and you get better, you interview people in your community, even cops, I never interviewed cops, imagine if I had done that with the first I would have gotten a deal so good with a girl and money I could have retired in Orlando, but again I wasn’t getting paid, and that is it.


The fourth kind of website I can think of that matters out of all the kinds out there which is good would be a (strict company like Jagex) from the U.K that has many borders of security and the power to operate out of a country, that goes to show you, (is money printed?) and does Andrew Gower really own all of the market? (Or is Gower a masked twin who owns the company with 1,000 other investors) and some of them live in so called high society, other realities. This is what it all amounts to, whichever one you land in.


I guess mine would have fit into (20 different categories) from showing my butt, to making music, to sharing bootleg movies, and making my own albums, it is an orgy fest of the best possible thoughts, and it would be almost illegal to find this kind of website in certain countries, depending on who the author is. (It takes more time like this but it is a better pay out in general, not just financially.)


2 Video Sharing:

Gatsby Part 1 20 minutes of the film (Dark and disturbing about the past.)


Gatsby Part 2 (about 6 minutes long later on in the film.)