Huge Divine Article I made about my 20,000 angelic clones and 10+ absolute facts the Truth is being revealed as we speak + 11 Videos not counting youtbe + Audio player of Eminem’s 2 classic albums Revival and Shady LP + Mp3 lecture of 2nd gabe lecture, video is a special surprise for the fans and followers. ENJOY. Muah.

 To spin off the idea of planets being platforms like N64 gifs, etc. I would need to explain to you that Canada if actually on the same platform as the United States, because according to our map you can drive from Florida to Rhode Island etc. But even if I explained you can fly from Florida to Rhode Island then drive to Canada like I did once upon a time, means the captain who has secret stuff about the “names on the plane” can fly us to a different Rhode Island on a different star, with the simulation outside protected by the Divine angels to fool passengers’ as we fly through “space” is more accurate then Jesus and Evolution put together, that is like mixing Vodka with Jack Daniels don’t do it, bad bad, and yeah we all love to drink so that defeats the purpose is a lie told by people who don’t accept what I am saying as Absolute highly accurate.


Even if I explained a look alike new York may be on another platform my judgment day with God’s holy angels like Angel Gabriel means I was sent as a legion of angels to save our world with the Internet is true, but if you read a lot of my books free by the way unlike most authors, you will understand I can just be a really kool kid who is really cool. Is also an insult to immortals but not to my mortal neighbors? (I put flashes like FB OGRE TWINS in your head a lot I show psychotic imagery when I type is accurate.) So, mom mom you say, “Is Portugal a secret star for Augusto when he makes it?” Could be true. And yes Mark doesn’t want me to be successful is true it is a bob inheritance probably not Ari Representing me even if Ari did I can sell to prosecutor investors which may or may not exist that is the Great Divide study any teacher can make up by using my lessons on my website.


10,000 humans with immortals once lived once upon a time on our star would be accurate, which means Lucifer is not all that bad, because if Doug a pastor I respect and mention a lot means they teach Doug in classes secular schools thanks to me, its like that old comment I said of “Can a drug dealer love my website just like a little kid.” A very old Gabe Quote and you would imagine I build my empire slowly so Bill teams up with me instead of buy me out and kill me and replace me.



Considering I always said 10,000 it is accurate to assist 10,000 platforms like Super Smash bros, that are giant, even captains like Mod Air would lie to us about the outside, so besides that Dragon ball super teaches half-truths and absolute truths sometimes is how I would have to type this prophecy because even using Gabe as a Vessel is a crime because visions have shown me in 1,000s of schools, one got ugly in Florida I would venture to say my material has legalized love with counseling and my credit is low, even the other Gabe fucks Vados for me in Alien world in my delusion so Gabe who takes Xanax can fantasize about Vados with illegal alien sex. I doubt I will like my black-haired wife. Important to highlight the points of God logic when they do full time Gabe Courses.

So yes stupid comments after, like can airplanes be hijacked by jumpers for illegal Augusto Books for Glenridge in 20 years from today as of 2021 is also true, even typing this is blasphemy as well so I had to be careful with Mod Prophet and Mod Air and even Mod Aunt would hire Mod Joe and Mod Watchdog. Who is like the gay killer with the Steve Jobs look and he talks funny with a cleanse because he does not accept jumpers even holding a gun to someone’s head can be a fast jump I would venture to say my Portugal Guns in my website song, would mean illegal guns when the Divine meets the mortals and we CO EXIST because even college campus is not something the author could take credit for so call me the Grand Priest or Beerus the Destroyer, so both are accurate about me. Both are happy opposites I would say the Grand priest metaphorically represents power of accepting absolute truth and shutting down all bad things. While Beerus metaphorically means Haikai to destroy any evil doers by acting like an evil doer at the same time is also accurate, so Doug in a way is doing Haikai while Gabe is more so the Grand Priest, but I can be both, I am the Potaro earrings of both of those.

Even if I venture further I was told to stop by my little cigarette flicker who rides my back like a pony every time I walk, I would venture that she is annoying because when you get tats about Gabe that is the revolution of my website and only saying that is blasphemy because Bill took credit for is accurate. Even eternal is hard to accept. (DONE DONE) kidding…

Glorious Augusto am I at 20,000 places at once!?

Glorious Augusto does exist in the stars, meaning 20,000 clones of Augusto do exist but they are all of Divine nature when you take that old comment of mine about 20,000 angels in one body like mine could mean one of two things. Either I am controlled by Bill Gates and those living doctor Gods as evidence of population control or I am controlled by Angels meaning Augusto was a divine child like Jesus meaning I was predestined in heaven as a legion of angels that signed an illegal contract to take over Augusto Gabe’s entire brain wave, but again the downside to either one are hateful people. Even my old octor John Tatum gave me medicine as a 14 year old kid because he was a part of cleansing and stealing sperm and he never taught me about masks, I had to take so many meds, even my mother would never promote outside schools I would go to Valencia for years never getting into UCF for Game design when I was stubborn and confused and I was lost, and I was on medication my whole life, so when bath houses were introduced to me at 19 like my old book comments you would understand my medication when my mother got mad at me for guy partners was Xanax and Seroquel as of today they help a lot and I get to drink once a week if I am lucky but I do swim a lot for a fat strong husky guy. So you need to understand Mortal Augusto to understand Miracles and Angels to understand Mortal and Immortal would be worse then nigga even if you think about it, but again I am not Mod Gabe, not yet at least according to Ash who has to watch me evolve to buy out Jagex one day. Although I do love hotel bots for Toontown on another star, because Joey might be on another star is accurate about lures in Canada with Toontown I went off on an angelic rant sorry.

Lastly is Doug myths about the end of the world I will explain who Jesus was in my strong Absolute facts I will give 10+ Absolute facts.

Absolute fact number one: Gabe is the greatest man to walk the face of this earth and his stinky feet are the sexiest feet in the world because his website represents power, it represents judgment day, it represents revenge, I help get revenge like Gus from Bad, however on a much higher, level such a high level people would say JFK the guy in a class.


Fact 2: When Doug bachelor speaks about the devil tempting people he is actually referring to a metaphor about Angels always watching what we do, so it sounds kooky, that means they are good angels, they are always good, this is something Doug has never said, he assumes Good and bad angels exist he has created a great divide so language like mine is illegal according to people of his “faith” because even you as the reader understand an angel will resurrect someone if they die in a crash if they have a good heart of a cleansed heart, otherwise yes pulling a trigger on someone angels let them go and woah your mother saw a Jumper in Texas and some stupid kid bragged about Augusto being stupid before he saw the top of mount Everest, or who knows dinosaurs.

Fact 3: Dinosaurs still exist but I will explain something super illegal, if we are on a star a floating city and we are surrounded by them imagine taking a chopper without an angel stopping your tracks and if Gabe or Bill was on that chopper I would be allowed to travel however even traveling below our star, a long 10 million mile fall is what an absolute fact would be, so the angel next to me who is invisible explained a 10 million mile fall with the helicopter I can sometimes feel are star move is accurate about the “State of our world” but at the bottom dinosaurs and megalodon in deep sea can exist, even our ocean is an insult to the beautiful ocean all the way below. Jumpers could throw you down there also from New York for not teaching Gabe in class is also accurate.

Fact 4: It is true Charlie from two and a half men described in my 2nd video lecture and many great amazing people would love to meet me and work with me but hey Absolute fact on this is we are all great sinners so the reader isn’t overwhelmed with defending another Gabe comment lmao. (laughing my ass off.)

Fact 5: Even if I explain robots are not real or it is some sort of toy Mom and Farnsworth created on the star Jesus actually was in would mean Jesus never really existed on our star, maybe Jesus did exist and maybe the 2nd coming Doug bachelor that 7th day Adventist teaching has occurred already beyond our comprehension on that star. So maybe I am the 2nd Jesus of our star, because if we say the truth “Jesus was a good man.” We have justified good and bad church goers and good and bad is up to your perception of your heart but in my book, they call “Evil is good now and good is now Evil” is a mindfuck for some church goers about even my website. How will this website be eternal one day is also true?

Fact 6: So yes silly fact I impress Mod Ash and Bill and my audience from all backgrounds and that is how my website will be eternal and I will post on it till I am 70 years or 60 years of age, and hire others I am 26 or 27 now I forget, god dam. But maybe again my actual age is 200 years of age, and I am from the Just In Time movie metaphor could be true so that means those immortal who live at the edge of Florida would be our time zone, so I guess Miami is very close to the edge of our star, even watching “Million dollar listing Miami” is fucking crazy they look immortal those rich guys with rich women. So even I would say I could be 200 years of age and the thing I stole from my moms office which are still in my suitcases because I am waiting for court to finish. Means I have my baby feet with my name on it, proving I was a baby, which means how could I be 200 years old, meaning I have been lied to by my loving family about who I really am, is absolute fact, unless the angels possessed my body and I am 27 or 26. Even I hate my fucking age is for me to say, because I am who I am.

Fact 7: So which is true the first one or second one, ouch, well I was a kid but Angels can transform into kids according to my God logic so I will stick to I am over 200 years of age, however a divine baby would be an insult because the Catholic church lures people with the Jesus story so I guess Jesus ain’t such a nice guy if you think about it huh?

Fact 8: I love stinky feet and little girls who are 10 because they are so cute, I say that the way Bill Gates would say that so I don’t get so called arrested haha.

Fact: 9: I sometimes text myself or email myself reminders for my website and yes it feels good.

Fact: 10: Invisible beings always visit me for fun and beautiful angels who are invisible help me touch my cock at night so I don’t become the sarcastic moron in those movies who can’t get laid, because movies can one day collapse when our website with me and my 20,000 angels bomb new York one day to bring about safety of Progression and jumpers will save them with a 60 minute count down one day, 100 years or 160 years from today, I word it like this because this is good and evil meeting so remember Doug was right about one thing about me, “I am a prophet of the Gods or of Jesus” and that is not debatable.


Last Fact for now: I am going to get drunk tonight and swim before I do and enjoy listening to entourage over and over and just fuck around in a loop. “Stuck In a Loop” is an instrumental I made and stole for you guys. Link could be a real dude somewhere, very good looking.

Huge Divine Article I made about my 20,000 angelic clones and 10+ absolute facts the Truth is being revealed as we speak + 11 Videos not counting youtbe + Audio player of Eminem’s 2 classic albums Revival and Shady LP + Mp3 lecture of 2nd gabe lecture, video is a special surprise for the fans and followers. ENJOY. Muah.

Video 1: Season 5 Episode 7 Entourage

Video 2: Season 5 Episode 8 Entourage

Video 3: Season 5 Episode 9 Entourage

Video 4: Season 5 Episode 10 Entourage

Video 5: Season 5 Episode 11 Entourage

Video 6: Season 5 Episode 12 Entourage

Video 7: 2nd Gabe Lecture ON VIDEO I look hot and fresh 15 minutes, and mp3 version scroll down for it. About my life as an artist, explaining how I write lyrics, while I explain God Logic and Angels around my body and why eating ass is amazing. Etc.

Video 8: Showing U guyz My Area (Silly 26 second clip of my smoking area, by the way my old iPad my mom got for me a long time ago does GREAT clips, I look good on them, accurate.)

Video 9: Jumper Movie the full thing Oh my God now Jumpers can be good and bad and it is prophetic even to explain how this works is like “a family took bribes and now jumpers and cops work together to hunt them down.” Even if I told you law enforcement knew about jumpers and angels like the ones who flick my cigarette or take puffs of my cigarettes etc. I accepted angels and jumpers and demons as WORDs they are WORDS no big deal to ME (gabe) but to some people it is offensive to know the truth. Enjoy.

Video 10: Overlord Movie is a very good movie about the Army investing illegal money of cleansing killing actors on set but making a demonic movie about what I just described but it is like what Hitler really was with the evil doctors who protected him very good. SCARY

Video 11: Live Die Repeat is the most controversial movie of the 3 this one is like SACRED the first two share a lot in common with God Logic however even I would explain to you that this movie is more about if Augusto fails one day he gets to start over again the next, Gabe is the guy whom I represent because technically I am a twit when I type like that old article I wrote for school books everywhere to print out one day on our Star, which means atheism and Christianity which are total opposites, can co-exist one day thanks to me, people in psych wards die every day thanks to me, thanks to psychotic kids who hate when they teach about me in class so in a way this movie applies to ambitious young men and women who fight for truth and the meaning therein.

Audio Lecture of the Mp4 is here but I think the video is good the quality came out good it is bright and sunny click here for the mp3 version for your iPod or to play it in class if you don’t get kicked out, thanks.

Audio Player For (Revival and Slim Shady LP Mix all 39 songs together) Always support itunes and such even if you bootleg on my website for the LURE experts of the Steve Jobs family. (Not always a look a like steve jobs cleanse sorry.) Scroll below past to find the 39 tracks both full albums.

Here is an illegal bugatt I could one day buy or save that one for Portugal. Is Bugatti sending me a message for Bugatti Crime? and why so prophetic and why a website for only the rich like this one, cuz mine is FOR everybody with AN open ugh Open ugh Open something.

And more exclusive artistic photos below about my great grand children etc. Since I am the savior of this STAR.

Random Utube video If Ocarina was made in 2020 off the record silly. Cuz Ocarina is the BOMB. ZFG is a good youtuber to shout out again I have uploaded him playing other versions of Ocarina he is amazingly good, you can download those custom mods on apple or Windows 7 and windows 10s gives issues for some downloads but I think my website is clean in that regard over bootlegging just reminding you again and again about that. Time for me to watch for foot models with stinky feet.