Teaching Difficult lessons again + Gabe Lecture on video 1 hour long + Magna Carta + 4:44 Kill Jay-Z Album Prophetic + Gabe the Modern Day prophet + Other secret photos and content leaked. Watching me speak or listening on a phone is optional and downloadable the first time I have ever done this so forgive me when it gets watered down. (Or forgive others.)


Difficult topic for what a cleanse may look like

I will be talking like a Professor so you understand the 5 ways to address it.

  1. For starters my life is a story, keep that in mind children and adults everywhere, however children are more redeemable as well is true, so stay out of danger to make cleanse not sound so bad.
  2. I would venture to say to resurrect during a cleanse is rare, so kids let me tell your professor how to talk, because remember these comments are Schizophrenic, like Religion and prophecy, even saying Augusto can mess up one day and never get to Portugal is a comment you can say out loud and get shot for.
  3. Even JFK would have to apologize like that FBI guy in the old movie I showed last time because he could know about the sky and Cleanse and in his world it is fine as an officer is true, however the Canadian killer who is in his 20s and there are 1,000 of him sometime with red hair and baby features represents a bad house in Canada and some neighborhoods practice murder would be real if I am speaking this message to children I assume the little fake black kid who works for Will Smith secretly is speaking about the secret professors about how Aunt Jemima is a bad bad brand like Omni King would tell me in my head, but Aunt Jemima is not a bad person, she did all those things because she loves you kids.
  1. And lastly no if they teach about my free material in school I will give you the allowance to teach me in all your schools and it will sound arrogant, if 1,000 schools have promoted my website already and the Augusto Course is working I have to speak with Cohen or with the Asian man in his bunker because those are the 2 people I respect the most, as of a man of importance, and Mark makes the stupidest comments about Riots because he is involved in murder shows, that are allowed, and the secret is, if you say “This murder has to stop” it could be your end, or “you delighted to much in murder” is also a white lie, to explain that one comment, the first one was more honest, depending on who you ask, like the Omni King would explain.
  1. I guess I am fun and crazy for this topic and wrap it up somehow focus on how “Purge movie is silly not accurate” and maybe that is in the other Florida like me and phantom talked about so more than one Florida could exist, life is like a puzzle to escape. But again that makes L.A look less fun to you kids who want to study with the stupid one named Brenda because she was mean to me when I asked her out on a date, like a God dam bitch, and I could explain to you, these women are part of a cleanse, and yes these are words, and that’s why Brenda from a Music school, can’t sue me, because that means Morgan and Morgan would have to bother me in my 2 million dollar house (classified to know which house as well)

But you are right typing a comment does sound like I am the murder show host with my schizophrenia I take all the credit but cops will say Cocaine and mark and money so I guess Jail is accurate for me but at least Mark told me plane ready and I wanted to say kick me out of my country what the fuck oh well…

Thank you to all the Schell Look a Likes and to all the funny people who love my word and a good cleanse, and no sorry to you little girls Bill Gates told me I can’t sleep and cleanse you in the shower, I know little girls get girly and horny when they read my website, Justin Bieber could be for you, because I am too scared to hold a gun, while Bieber might have to because he is lure expert 101.

9 Videos: Entourage Season 4 Some random Youtube videos, and Long 1 hour Gabe lecture.

Video 1: Season 4 Episode 8 Entourage

Video 2: Season 4 Episode 9 Entourage

Video 3: Season 4 Episode 10 Entourage

Video 4: Season 4 Episode 11 Entourage

Video 5: Season 4 Episode 12 Entourage

Video 6: Prophecies of Gabe and Doug are coming true over time. (They could be teaching about the website everywhere.)

Video 7: And great song from Hopsin I think the message is more important then the video for young black and white kids (look to the cookie Elaine- Jerry)

Video 8: Pretty Little Psycho

Video 9: Gabe Lecture almost an hour long me at night smoking cigarettes adding 5 parts together listen to the message or watch it all depends I hope you enjoyed (how I look and feel every day is accurate but I do take medication and obey the law till court. Fair God-Like Assessment strong lecture for Mod Asia and Mod Prophet and all Mods to speak about the websites in all schools’ full time.) Prophecy is mentioned a lot as well.

After all the videos progress of 14th theories document of 14th project. 13 is still being mixed and mastered.

  • My Darling Eminem (Instrumental + Original) done

Verse 1: First 1:02 from Instrumental repeat

The Orlando P.D couldn’t use me like Orlando Brown from Raven

I watch Orlando inject brown while they get picked at by a Raven

After getting shot for selling the brown from a pretty little Raven

Space in between for gun shot (From 1:11 to 1:14) (goes back to first 1:02 from instrumental)

Orlando is my haven, that’s so ignorant, stuck in my demonic Haven

I couldn’t be the personality demon, stuck in a rut, with a big butt

I couldn’t be the ignorant demon, fuck a butt, with a Raven slut

I couldn’t comprehend the mirror, every morning, Nintendo 64

I was stuck in the thought of, defeat self every morning, not wait till 64

Even though I met guys older than 64, riding bikes in Orlando

A bit shady, hitmen in Orlando, Police get lured, some piggies don’t make it in Orlando

I was infuriated, talking to doctors, cut out the will

So, I will, get infatuated with an Asian Doctor, and one day meet Bill

Oh, wait I could be Bill, chill, Nill, I reject these millionaires

As I become a billionaire through millionaires, that don’t exist

So, they all get shot and lured for my inheritance, because only Gabe can exist

(My darling, this is my soul, my darling, I can buy souls one day my Darling) x2

(Would you want me creating millionaires, or the Darling right next to you?) x3

Chorus: 45 seconds to 2:01 from the Original

(Sometimes I play Possum…. (goes on) I possess your etc. Before the deep voice comes in)


Verse 2: From 1:16 till 2:03 from Instrumental repeat

There’s nothing else for me to say, my website adores me

The voices talk to me, Angels are near me, I feel the devil inside of me

Everybody in Orlando Bores me, they go for a drink snoring

While I speak to families that are mourning, through my kind words of adoring

I am the example of what happens when a Catholic Child stops getting fucked every morning

I am the sample child of Miami Coral Gables forgotten angel, fake families over their mourning

Crocodile tears come out they eye lids, while I dream of pissing them off

So, families flip rolling their eye lids, turning on each other, over my dream that is ticking them off

Reading my website to them is like, accusing them of jerking little boys off

For money and for poison, which they did to me in Miami till gun shots and deals went off

So, Augusto had to adapt to the internet with Al Gore from 1998

While only the chosen few will get to see immortality, ready set, adapt to this year like it is 1998

(Words grew darker, hearts grew colder) x2

(Some killers made it out of the corner, while others literally grew colder, under a boulder) x3

And here I am today 2021 with the world on my shoulder, a bit older

Wondering if twin parents will pass my website link through a folder

That could have blood on it, to pass the website to the children, to become bolder

I can’t hold her, the girl next door as my own daughter

So, I must slaughter these lyrics like these niggas slaughtered my eldest and wisest daughter

(Hard to imagine charter, unless it created a partner, and C.I.A information much needed

Where were my enemies when I bleeded, I guess I am going Kanye, call me Conceited) x3



Verse 3: From 2:01 to 2:48 from Original




Verse 4: From 3:12 to 3:51 from Instrumental repeat

deep voice: “Shady, listen…”
Fans in instrumental: (Shady!)
deep voice: “You hear that?
They’re screaming for you, I can bring your career back”
Gabe: But I don’t want it back!
deep voice: “Yes you do.”
Gabe: No I don’t!
deep voice: “Yes you do, you’re gonna regret it later!”
Gabe: No I won’t!
deep voice: “I’mma get Que on the phone, I’ll just call the doctor”
Gabe: Go ahead, I already talked to Que yesterday
deep voice: “Well I got him on the phone right now!”
Que voice tone: (Gabe!)
Gabe: You’re lying,
Que voice tone: “Check this out Augusto, I gotta talk to ya.
I don’t know, it just seems like ever since you got off your
Meth, you became a lot softer”
Gabe: But Que, all Shady God is is a bottle of hair bleach and vodka
Que voice tone: “Well, just think about it Augusto, I don’t care.
Just hit me back, and let me know what’s up”

(3:53 till 4:06) (One shot deal)

Gabe: Fuck this mirror!
deep voice: “I’m not in the mirror, I’m inside you.
Let me guide you”
Gabe: Fuck you, die you son of a bitch
deep voice: “Put the gun down”,
Gabe: Bye bye!

From (4:06 till 4:44 from instrumental repeat)
OK I’m still alive,
“So am I too!
You can’t kill a spirit, even if you tried to
You sold your soul to me. Need I remind you?
You remember that night you prayed to God
You’d give anything to be a Billionaire
Living stubborn with your parents for an inheritance through court

Dreaming you could one day beat the air, outer space billionaire?

And look at you now, feeling sorry for yourself with another wasted day?

Well it’s your schizophrenia it just will never go away.

But Gabe I can make your delusions become reality, just more Xanax for today

Hey, don’t look down is the song on your iPod you listen to regularly

You first heard it in High School and rapped as a teenager, bothering your parents everyday

So, remember you are cursed with your birthday, fans celebrate you on the month of May

Outro: From 4:50 till 5:18 from instrumental repeat

Never leave me my darling, my website will make me a billionaire my darling

My soul belongs to the ancestors underground my darling

Angel Gabriel is coming back with a vengeance my darling

(I possess your heart, mind, and soul my darling, stay with me forever my darling) x3

(Gabe will bring you therapy my darling) x3

  • Where Was I (My Side Drake high pitch) Homemade

Intro: First 1:01 from Instrumental repeat

Yeah, Gabe still back in the lab

This shit sound like, what being wealthy feel like, For real

This life shit, play my Ricky Martin Life shit

You can’t control it, play my More Life Drake shit

Too much going on, too much, too much, too much

Too much, too much, You, you, you

Make me wanna take ya down through there

Make me wanna, wanna take ya down through there

I’ll take it down, babe, Gabe has killer girlfriends

But the children turn them into good girlfriends

(Gabe will put down the spirit, make me wanna take ya down through there, I’ll take it there, to the heavens, I’ll take it there) x3

Chorus: From 1:01 till 2:05 from Instrumental repeat

Why you never come to where I stay? Always hiding out in your Orlando Mansion

Why you never come to where I stay? If anybody knows, girl you know, I know

Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?

Let me at least show you my side of things, man, aw man, aw man, aw man

Let Mr. Gabe show you his side of things, you know, you know

Why are we wasting our relationship, when I can be inside you baby girl?


Verse 1: From 2:05 till 3:00 from Instrumental repeat

Me and you are playing house, start thinking that I’m losing touch

Got a tight grip on ya now, maybe I should just loosen up

When I leave you and I go home, I start forgetting what it is

Start to think I got to get it how I live

We too busy for a wedding or a kid

If I’m working then, I know you working

Keep in touch with other women, cause you make me nervous

I empower girls that don’t deserve it

I don’t mean to do that shit on purpose

It’s just when I go home, I start forgetting what it is

The dream is over, I get lost up under my conspiracies

Sorry you let your friends go, for not accepting your conspiracies




Verse 2: From 3:30 till 4:11 from Instrumental repeat

You don’t ever come to where I stay

You just rather stay up in your heavenly mansion

I keep wondering if I got to get it how it is

My visions get blurry when billionaire kids come out of my misses

Yikes, I get lost up in Orlando, trying to figure out what it is

You know how sticky these situations get

You go up higher than me some days

You know what I think we could be some days

Dedicated to my older daughters with a pure heart, for brighter days

Working with the devils in Orlando for true power, cleansing days

(I was ashamed to tell myself I could change my smoking days) x2

Maybe I just need good girls to turn me right these days

Oh, heavenly days, oh my days




Verse 3: From 10 seconds till 1:01 from Instrumental repeat

Yeah, this shit sound like what being wealthy in Orlando feel like

For real though, I had to impress cops though

Billionaire inheritance in court though

This life shit, is everywhere you can’t always control it

Maybe sometimes I feel like I can control it

When I know therapy told me to let go of it

Too much, too much, too much, too much

(You, you, you, make me wanna take ya down through there) x2

Oh, I’ll take it there, I’ll take the message up there

  • Angel The Weeknd (Instrumental + Original) done

Verse 1: From 19 seconds till 1:28 from Instrumental repeat

Angel, oh oh oh

You are my angel, you saved me from myself

Knew you were special from the moment I saw you, I saw you, yeah

Oh oh oh oh

I feel you’re closer every time I call you, I call you

And If we don’t make it, I hope you find somebody

I hope you find somebody; I hope you find somebody

I hope you find somebody to love, somebody to love

Somebody to love, yeah, yeah, yeah

I know she will never take me back and I know this

The distance between us, the sky and the earth, I know this

She knows Augusto Gabe is on the loose

She knows I have Guardian Angels, Guardian Angels

(She protected me as her Lucifer, I was her lucifer

Ruined and dead inside, but it feels good to be dead and medicated inside) x3

She is my angel, she will always be my angel

Chorus: From 2:07 till 3:02 from Instrumental repeat

And if we’re not I hope you find somebody

I hope you find somebody; I hope you find somebody

I hope you find somebody to love, somebody to love

Somebody to love, yeah, yeah, yeah

She said angel, woah you’ll probably never take me back and I know this, yeah I know this, aw man, I said angel, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m so desensitized to feeling these emotions, yeah no emotions baby

Verse 2: From 4:10 till 4:44 from Instrumental repeat

(Cause all I see are wings, I can see your wings) x2

But I know what I am and the life I live, yeah, the life I live

(And even though I sin, we all want to live) x2

But I know time will tell if we’re meant for this, yeah if we’re meant for this

And if we’re not I hope you find somebody

We always live a dangerous life, I go back to my wife

Before I go back to Angelic life

I live daily duties with my angels who breath into me life

I live daily chores with my guardian angels that brought me eternal life

I had to laugh so hard at pastors preaching eternal life

Because kissing her devil lips in Portugal will be my demise

When I have the whole universe at my feet

(Forever will I be remembered as Gabe the God) x5



Verse 3: (From 2:05 till 3:33 from Original)


Chorus (twice)


  • Attention The Weeknd (Instrumental + Original) done

Verse 1: From 15 seconds till 38 seconds from Instrumental repeat

Baby, you are so strong

Baby, you are calm, you are so calm, yeah

Tell me where it went wrong

Was it dad a long time ago? Was it me just yesterday?

You keep looking for attention

You pray to me every day, was this other fuck a long time ago?

Tell me how he fucked you, you love the attention

(I love how he fucked you, tell me how it happened) x3

Chorus: from 38 seconds till 1:05 from Instrumental repeat

You’re only looking for attention, love all the attention bay

You are looking for detention, you are bad little bay

You got that 14-year-old body bay

You got the dirtiest eyes bay; I make music for you bay

You are going psychotic for Gabe babe

(You let me down the other day, I couldn’t believe it babe) x3

Verse 2: From 1:03 till 2:03 from Original




Verse 3: From 1:47 till 2:35 from Instrumental repeat

I keep singing about my issues

I masturbate into tissues

I got a billion dollars to my name

And a million little kids listen to my personal issues

This is what made me who I am

So, baby girl if you’re listening to this god dam, jam

Fuck off, I will find another girl to give me her toe jam

Go slam your drugs with your man, I will be the God of all men

(I will keep rising to the sky, what then, I will fuck a perfect ten) x3

(and forget the pussy you tried to give me back then) x2

(I hate girls like you looking for attention, you probably should be hung by suspension) x2

But Since I am Gus I will let my fans escalate the tension (Because I am Gus bitch) x2

  • How Bout Now Drake (Instrumental + Original) done

Chorus: From 32 seconds till 1:00 from Original

Verse 1: From 30 seconds till 1:00 from Instrumental repeat

Always felt like my vision to be Gabe got to big for me to handle

I guess deleting girls from my world, was for your kid to handle

I guess you read my music and wonder if Horatio Cane is a fan

I guess you read my music and wonder if the people stuck are living under a fan

I guess you read my music and get offended and my gift of lyricism

I guess I got caught in the bullshit legal system, I guess some of you girls are gone mysticism

I was drinking the other night girl, I was hurt that year

I was thinking the other night girl, I was bloody shirt that year

In Coral Gables as a kid, in the cleansing scene, I guess I was a monster girl

I was a little monster with a gun girl, so how you gonna look at my new little girl

(While I am singing high on white girl, with a white girl, how bout now, all you that doubted

How bout now) x3




Verse 2: From 1:06 till 1:28 from Instrumental repeat

My heart belongs to you

Yeah, always been daddy’s little angel

I bought your dad a bunch of shit for Christmas

He ain’t even say thank you

I had no money left from this website, I was focused on the music

I used to always try and send you links of my new shit

You be like “Who’s this”? I be like “me girl”

You be like “oh, word, true shit?”

Then ask if we could listen to Drakes new shit

And ignored my old shit

Speak of the devil ignored by your voice

You got mad I accepted the voice from Japan

I guess I got girls in Florida that would kill for me, cuz I made it like the man

But you never appreciated a real man, so you acted ignorant

(You kept saying delete those billionaire plans, you were the little voice in my head) x3




Verse 3: From 1:28 till 2:17 from Instrumental repeat

Yeah, you ain’t really fuck with me way back then

But how ‘bout now? (Now)

Cause I’m up right now (I’m up right now)

Are you stuck right now (Stuck right now)

Oh, you thought you had it all figured out back then

Girl, how bout now (Now)

Cause I’m up right now (I’m up right now)

And you stuck now, yeah (stuck right now)

You thought all that make up made you prettier, but how bout now

Your butt isn’t the same butt it was back then, how bout now




Outro: From 2:53 till 3:20 from Instrumental repeat

You thought my probation was a joke but I am up right now

You may have thought you were going to get high, crack a joke

While I got caught high on crack and thought my website was a joke

I guess my millions of fans have to joke

Otherwise I would cause a war, and I would go broke

(You never accepted me for who I am, you treated me like I was sand, no God, and no

God damn.) x2

  • TKO Timberlake (Instrumental + Original) done

Chorus: From 31 seconds till 1:42 from Original


Verse 1: From 1:00 till 1:43 from Instrumental

Boarding Boarding Boarding

I get this guap like the principle at Boarding

I graduated the Good enough Nigga academy, boring boring

I got my haters mourning, mourning

This plan I may or may not be boarding boarding

This money, this inheritance I am hoarding, hoarding

This Ferrari I would be flooring

This Juicy J Mix Tape I will be showing, showing

As I drive fast your parents who didn’t want to be glowing, glowing

(Oh, baby girl I was done with the ignorance of the past, TKO, TKO

Down for the count, that great pussy knocks me out, TKO) x3




Verse 2: From 1:44 till 2:44 from Instrumental

Girl I can see in your eyes that there’s

Something evil inside of you, where did you go?

Cause it just ain’t fair, as I stroke your hair

Over here thinking ‘bout the shit you say

Don’t know why it gets to me

You cut me right through the core

I blaze hot like the suns core

I let murder happen underneath my feet as I walk barefoot on Marble floor

I got rich by singing about being poor

I got this important data in my brain, like brains on the floor (ehhhhh that’s nasty) x2

Oh, I got a girl so nasty, Escort bitch from Miami, so nasty

(I got children looking up to me as a God, so classy, Shady God is classy) x3




Verse 3: From 4:56 till 6:00 from Instrumental

I’m out for the count, yeah, girl, you knock me out

This ain’t the girl I used to know, straight to my dome

Oh, girl you knock me out,

With a TKO, T-T-TKO

Out for the count, girl, you knock me out

With a TKO, Now I’m out for the count yeah girl, you knock me out

With a TKO

Baby now I don’t really know what we’re fighting for

This rematch sex is amazing

I don’t understand it, tell me how could you be so low

Been swinging after the bell and after all of the whistle blows

Tried to get below the belt, through my chest

Perfect hit to the dome, dammit babe

(You knock me out TKO, dam it babe TKO) x2




  • Spaceship coupe Timberlake (Instrumental + Original) done

Verse 1: From 16 seconds till 45 seconds from Original

I could see the sun shine, I see lucifer by my side

Lucifer says thank you to my brother

I am the Angel Gabriel sent here in a disguise

I may be the last face you see, to your evil brother

I had to disguise my intentions, I had to memorize my father

Angel Gabriel is here in disguise, call me Lucifer in case a gun is pointed at your father

I guess my words are a two-edge sword, so I am the only spiritual father

So, one day Bill Gates will let me sip coffee around armed guards

So, one day I can see Heaven’s Gates, oh I love the world, learn to love play mates

It is harder than you think to take an airplane, where we’re going is way too high

I would venture to say a helicopter is the only way, love is way too high

(Love is way too high for real, way too high for real, my love for my older daughters is way too high for real) x3

Chorus: From 4:25 till 4:56 from Instrumental repeat

Hop into my spaceship coupe there’s only room for two (me and you)

And with the top down, we’ll cruise around, land, and make love on the moon

(Would you like that?) x3

Hop into my spaceship coupe

There’s only room for two (me and you) x2

Verse 2: From 3:11 till 3:55 from Original (repeat it once)



Verse 3: From 4:57 till 5:27 from Instrumental repeat

Now everybody knows that you’re from outer space

(I believe that blue hair is from outer space) x2

She dyed her hair so she wouldn’t work for the man

She is a lost slut with tattoos too hard to comprehend

I would be arguing with God if I said she sat on my face, amen, amen

(It was a sin to block people like me from speaking, she said) x2

(Only because I said I was shady God, in my delusional head, the voice said) x2

I would venture to say my Ferrari could be built with blood money

(So, let us take my Ferrari that would be red out of respect to blood money I said) x2

Forgive me but your words mean nothing after I fucked her friend, I said



Short outro: From 4:57 till 5:27 from Instrumental repeat

She started asking me about if we will ever be Bob and Linda I said

And I explained Augusto Gabe can’t point a gun to the head I said

(So, I explained to her fuck her brains out, so she doesn’t reveal her past I said) x3

  • Amnesia Timberlake (Instrumental + Original) done

Intro: First 18 seconds (no augusto vocals)

Verse 1: From 18 seconds till 1:36 from Instrumental repeat

She keeps talking to me closer

I don’t think I know her, she feels like a poser

Beautiful smile with those sad eyes, I think I know her

That was my type, Amnesia that’s over

If I sing into this mic I feel like prophecy of fucking her appears

Even if I look forward I am staring at the devil’s fears

Devilish grin the way I sing like prophecy is Corona

I would venture to tell you a lot of my daughters are named Corona

I would respectfully disagree with this beat because I just infected it with Corona

I would venture to say I moan ya, to insult ya, psychotic mod behavior

I would venture to pray I own ya, to exalt ya, Lucifer mod favor

So every time she lays with me in bed, with her by my side

My invisible angel promises me every day by my side

Even I would have to apologize for the devils by my side

Because my lyrics get proofread by the angels by my side

So, one day Jumpers on a star can explain the prophet

So, they would understand Gabe can still profit

This beat I will off it, I must confess I am off put

Venture to say prophecy was used in this verse by the Thai girl

The Thai girl on my leg will give me amnesia in 200 years from today

Even my lyrics spray your girl down, and she dreams of Augusto Children as she lays

Hoping a knife isn’t in a cleanse of Japan, so Gabe can get laid

(Even the Canadian killer told me I am a prophecy with the gay Canadian bald man) x2

So even I would venture to say it is an insult for angels to read my language

Divine language was taught Amnesia in my prophecy to all my girls is all over

Chorus: From 1:13 till 1:51 from Original


Verse 2: From 3:33 till 4:10 from Instrumental

Amnesia baby, these photos of us burn up

Even I let down the divine so one day our bodies burn up

Let the Quintin in me possess me while I fuck you in Thai

While Hopsin is killing bad people in Thai

While I visit the Portugal house with Goku through my other clone

While the haters complain on a phone, muted ring tone

Underneath was a song to ignorant people baby

Even if I told you Honor guards were underneath baby

You would fuck my brains out like I was not releasing my baby

This is turning into some fucking kind of amnesia, amnesia

Connect the dots of my face and see the solar system

Because one day Gabe will cleanse the solar system

So, don’t be a victim and fall a victim to me

One day bad bitches with tats will send naked pictures to me

So, Amnesia me in my sleep as I think of the future me



Verse 3: From 5:23 till 6:40 from Instrumental repeat

Go on and tear me apart

And do it again tomorrow I almost forgot

Who you are, I try to forget about it every time I see ya, see ya

Thought I could do without it, now I know I need ya, need ya

This is turning into some kind of fucking amnesia, I need ya

Memories fade away, love is so insane, I try to forget about it, every time I see ya, see ya

Thought I could do without it Now I know I need ya, need ya

This is turning into some kind of fucking amnesia, I need ya

Memories fade away, love is so insane

(So tear me apart, and do it again tomorrow I almost forgot who we are) x3

(I would be cleansing one new star, because only one in history has ever been cleansed) x2

So forget who we are, Amnesia kept me sober

  • Legal Drugs original Homemade

Verse 1: First 37 seconds from Legal Drugs

I was prescribed legal drugs, I was seeing fairies on rugs

I guess I fucked an Aladin in my sleep, because yours probably drives a jeep

I would venture to say, Adventure is only in my sleep

Otherwise I cleansed Aunt Jemima in my comments below

Which means being wise means Aunts control Youtube comments from below

So I suppose the drugs did make me see the Jumper who goes boo

Even Goku was elected as my sheriff to pull people like me through

Notice how my song grew, I think I even saw a puppet called Mewto

Boo hoo, boo hoo, I crew love this bear with Eminem swag

(Coolest fag collest fag, fallen angel God is accurate I came through) x3


Chorus: (built in Gabe’s Voice) From 38 seconds till 1:45 from Legal Drugs


Verse 2: First 37 seconds from Legal Drugs

If you think Goku doesn’t type, then you might be right

Even if I told you Vegeta was my Jeremy, then yes right right

But even then, I would be explaining Precious the fat bitch out of sight

But then I would be explaining my drug habits are precious, because of blight

I would venture to explain stars in our Galaxy explain a barrier I cannot explain

Even if I could, it would sound insane, crash a plane inside the building so vain

Even if the pilot was sane, while jumpers saved good souls in 9-11 so Google is vain

Venture to say 411 pain is for real niggas and lawyers

Venture to say 911 is an insult for the 9-11 Cohen purge lawyers

(Even if Mod Air spoke about me as I typed this song, I would be wrong so far gone) x3

Even if I told you Mod Air can kill on planes every day, I would be right and say

He did it for our kids anyway so Jagex would respect Gabe even though I possess what he can say

(So I pray and pray that 20,000 angels control the psychotic behavior Augusto can display, Augusto law is taught in collages all around, so pray) x3




Verse 3: First 37 seconds from Legal Drugs

Yeah I love illegal drug I love legal drugs

I don’t fuck with all drugs I would venture play this song in Asia

So kids wont see the bloody rugs, more cleansing like population control

So I suppose I am the corona to them, God in their head

If Augusto can control your head, while he gets head from Vados in his sleep

It means he has a special soul bond so he doesn’t get killed by Whis

Even Legendary Hi-Horse Toffya means to off ya

And Gabe has to leave it like psychotic imagery so hopefully it can off ya

Even Conceited is my favorite rapper but I am from another star, to offer

Evidence that is proper, even taking a helicopter is to insult ya

Because that means if we are on stars the way Gabe described on that post for ya

Means you must be worthy to visit the Grand Priest and Gods alike to match ya

So I guess laughta could be in a dictionary on 7 stars is a prophecy of 7 plagues

But even I would have to lie about English being on 700 stars so you can drink vodka

And fuck your wife between her legs, thus now drink my blue vodka

Created by a monster, because now we can legalize monster, (super star) x3


  • Right Hand Drake (Instrumental + Original) done

Chorus: First 1:07 from Original


Verse 1: From 14 seconds till 30 seconds from instrumental repeat

The right hand of pastors giving sermons is the demon realm

The right hand of nurses giving blow jobs are demons film

The right hand of God is the Nebula far from Gabe’s zone

Gabe can’t even admit to the right hand of angels always in my zone

(Even when I sing I can feel the phone so I phone heaven to leave me alone) x3



Verse 2: From 30 seconds till 1:00 from instrumental repeat

Playing my music at the clubs is my right hand, private jet lands

So the Disc jockeys play my jams, get the club girls horny for toe jam

Oh I smack the shit out this beat but even then they don’t understand

Phantom was so insulted by me like Oh man Oh man

I was so way gone in my 10 year prophecy like Portugal girls were in my van

But then again why would I pick up street walkers, even then I got a plan, I swear I got a plan

But sometimes these plans don’t map out the way I want them too

But sometimes these grand visions don’t release how I want them too

(Right Hand goals, and allures, nightmares for sure) x3



Verse 3: From 1:07 till 2:28 from Original