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Third Set Of Facts: 5 Videos Below: Sell Me Candy Rihanna, Bitch Please 2 Eminem, Vegeta’s New Life, + 2 Better Call Saul Inside look scenes.

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  1. The rules of the mind are dictated by love and passion. Although some people have shifted focus of living life in a proper manner. Consumed in their own version of hell.
  2. When I was a kid my dad would always say “Ladron, la jente son ladrones.” Translate: thieves. People are thieves. He would repeat this throughout my childhood even after the divorce when i was just a little kid. Looking back at it i find it hilarious, maybe they ripped him off when selling my genetics…
  3. I remember visiting Venezuela at these ages 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. I may be a little off. I always went to the fanciest houses and condos. Pent houses worth millions as all the adults stared at me and auctioned my sperm away. And i don’t even speak to these people anymore. I do miss my biological father.
  4. Who knows families can be clones. Main goal being to take your male genetics and keep the money offshore, my existence was not a normal one.
  5. Last fact I will leave you with: The reason why so many people don’t believe in true freedom the way you and i do such as legalizing drugs, prostitution, pedophilia, drug dealing, asking for sperm, etc. Is because of two reasons, they are afraid and have been forced in a way to hide even though we all have choices free will. And secondly they are sort of conformist to a capitalistic black market of the sperm trade. They may be trying to get into the sperm trade but have trouble doing so, while the billionaires and millionaires who do it successfully and launder that money get away with it.

One last thought to leave you with, is it possible my sperm the sperm of Gabe could be worth 10 million or a billion in the hands of some people while to most people it is nothing compared to that? Greed, jealousy, spying, attorneys, loopholes, CIA, etc. A lot to think about right?

I might be a billionaire one day or close to it but i made this website to teach people, to enjoy, to share, and influence some of you to make good changes in the community, in the family, and most importantly overall the government.

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Video 1: Bitch Please 2 Eminem Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog etc. Lyrics

Video 2: Sell Me Candy Rihanna Lyrics, oh Rihanna sit on me baby.

Video 3: Vegeta’s New Life this is deep and emotional about 5 minutes/4 minutes. How Vegeta changed as a person.

Video 4: Better Call Saul A Surprise Visit at los pollos Hermanos “Talked about scene”

Video 5: A Dangerous Lesson from Gus Fring. “Talked About Scene”

Second Set Of Facts: Brace yourself for more fun in the sun. Plus 5 fun videos below: 2 Eminem Songs, Dev Weston Cutscenes GTA 5, Dubstep Mix, & Oblivion Ending “Fuck You Sally” BOOM.

1. Drugs shouldn’t be illegal, but due to how the secret sperm trade works it has helped young men get their money once getting arrested.

2. The media would have to change the tone of this sperm topic a 180, and offer more opportunities to men and even women who will carry the children. This is not just through clinics, but with porn being legal, prostitution etc.

3. These supposed wars are all a disaster and distraction from the war of the human trafficking trade.

4. Stealing sperm is like robbing a store or even a massive bank with thousands or millions or even in more rare cases tens and hundreds of millions and even billions.

5. Stealing sperm is equivalent to that of robbing a persons kid/kids, the identity of that person is now compromised. You had no choice in putting your genetics out there yet they exist, somewhere people have your kids and as a man in a feminist biased ignorant world, little to nothing one can do.

6. The legal process of getting arrested for those dreadful 6 hours in prison on drug charges, is a sad thing. Considering millions of people do illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, pot. Etc. And drug immunity applies to many people more then the young men who tend to be targeted.

7. Believe it or not the laws against drugs are almost 100% void, null at that. My experience of meeting drug users and dealers who are much older then me, is a common theme.

8. The longest police can hold someone on drug charges is a week at most usually, and probation is always violated, but some of us have no choice but to force an acceptance that our social lives are done for. As the world continues to get high and fuck.

9. Drug users do not appear the way photos claim, they have had forced lawyers and cops to make drug users look terrible with awful photos. Simple way to expose is watch breaking bad and notice how meth users on the show put black stuff in the teeth and make the faces look like zombies. In my past ive seen meth users who have used for decades and have pearly whites and perfectly handsome faces.

10. Last fact of this post: as much as we being humans like to have fun and try new things. We need to take a stand together. Technically the people arrested for drug use and dealing are defendants of each other. We must stand our views in opposition with the pharmaceutical companies that profit from pills, stealing sperm, insurance money, fake mental patients. etc. The conspiracies go deep and dark.

Lastly before you watch the content, I realize a lot of the videos I have shared have gone missing for whatever unknown reasons, I will do my best to fix in the future. Email our server “Los Pollos Hermanos” with a complaint.- Gustavo

Some Content to Share:

The Way I Am Eminem Video:

2nd: Oblivion 2013 Ending Scene ONE OF THE BEST movies ever made. Rebellion against the government. The story of Sally the alien who has clones of Tom Cruise and some female, as Tom searches for the truth… The suicide mission scene.

3rd: “I just wanna scare somebody with a gun threat, while they high off of drugs they haven’t even done yet.” “I wanna be killed twice.” “I like birds, bees, I like people, I like funny things that make me happy and gleeful, like when my teacher sucked my wee-wee in preschool.” 3 Best lines.

4th: 30 minutes of GTA 5 Devon Weston the Billionaire Asshole Cutscenes.

5th Video: Here another cool mix from this cool Youtuber.

First Set of Facts: With small gallery below…

You must be wondering why a facts list. Well these are things I consider important, in the development of society and the individuals like yourself who are a part of society. We start the movement of lies versus facts and figure it out in steps, usually not all at once. Enjoy.

1. The sky is blue during the day.

2. Human trafficking is about girls getting pregnant and stealing that mans kid. And or knocking them out with GHB as an example with a syringe and withdrawing his sperm which has urine in it.

3. Rehabs practice stealing sperm from the young men who enter the facility.

4. Many young men do not admit themselves into rehab they are forced there by either the police or most likely the people closest to them.

5. Rehabs do not admit guilt even if they did do it, for many simple reasons when building that rehab they are required to keep it a secret through attorneys and if that day is to come they will have to settle it is not optional. It is mandatory.

6. Rehabs or any group or individuals who get involved will have different outcomes mainly based on two things: did they make a large sum example 200 grand 800 grand, 20 million 100 million etc. And based on that young mans situation: does he have a lawyer or is this going to be a delayed inheritance even though it was stolen.

7. Family members will lie and keep that money for a long time. Usually when a boy is 5 years old is when there sperm works on women who want the kids child. Which is also why a lot of the charges can present themselves as “child molestation” or “accused of child molestation”.

8. Law Firms can be directly connected to the F.B.I/Homeland Security, because they need  the proof of the “spying records” of that individual to prove what is true and what is not. So basically an attorney to some degree is affiliated with the highest forms of law enforcement who spy on all of us, and keep tabs on us.

9. The reason for the government hiding the truth about sperm and the high market value is because the “Rehabs” and “Hospitals” of just about any kind, stand to benefit.

10. One of the horrific things I noticed is rehabs have mirrors with cameras in them, this is not going to be as obvious in all rehabs, but some psych wards have a mirror which looks so obvious, to put a camera there, as well as capturing audio. Just about every room is bugged.

11. Rehabs and police do not work to better a persons future, they destroy that persons reputation and any hope they may have had of accomplishing goals, and passions. This is in most cases, unless you may be the lucky winner, but even at that, they have caused you torment.

12. We have the technology to stage buildings blowing up, and school shootings, this is all fake, and to make all of us who question feel like assholes. Basically the odds of terrorism being real is probably one out of 100 billion.

13. The News has created some truths inside to make it sound appealing but in the end news stations are all regurgitating, and refreshing the same bullshit information about life. The only way to even get local accurate information is to talk to many locals and ask many questions and even that can be flimsy. For as one example, who knows if Augusto is telling the truth? Right? Well I will let you decide for yourself.

14. When I was arrested I had 26 grams I think of meth on me, which was years ago. The guy who set me up was the EXACT SAME GUY I bought it from. I bought like 30 grams and used 4 of it, and then I decided to be sober because I was going to get surgery at the hospital. Forced myself to be sober for over a month and when I decided I did not want the product anymore I returned it and got caught, the guy did not show up at the first location then gave me a second location, like a dumb ass I did not realize how it was a trap. NOW this could raise 100 questions, so drug dealers are real? Duh, they are. But the legit ones tend to work for the police, you can actually order drugs online on the dark web millions of people in America do it every day! Not that hard!

15. The rehabs all 3 of the ones I went to, basically forced me into them, I did not go to them asking for help, the details can get complicated, two of them only had visits one time. The first one on the list I went to like 5 times, problems with family because I was doing drugs, instead of calling the cops on me which they probably should have done, they would throw it away instead. Hate to say it but my family did not want me to get a lawyer and find out the truth that my sperm is valued in the millions and billions etc.

16. Life I guess has been good to me with the exception of certain things like therapy which I do not want which I sort of have to do, its the only way to satisfy my parents and get my decent sized allowance, and I have a part time job on top of it.

17. And we will wrap up with this last fact of this set: “Who is in the right, and who is in the wrong?” Think about it and figure it out, any person with no bias will know the answer.

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