Gen 7 with Phantom + Album 12 Venezuelan Gangster Reborn, download FREE 15 tracks, and listen before downloaidng + message from Gabe Toons I own, plus life. EASTER EGGs I found.

Well before the message etc. here is the download to the 12th album for free, around 160MB 15 tracks, click to download, and to listen without downloading and what not scroll down below for the full 15 track list, adjustment to the 2nd track fixed. Hall of Doors from rayman at the end. Enjoy.

Here is phantom and Gabe chatting Gen 7, 25 minutes shorter then usual, click to listen optional to download.

Okay continuing on, I noticed this crazy glitch with the new word press updates, I get tired of some of their shit, but look LOL uploaded January 1, 1970 I took a screen shot of it I think that is epic. I mean sure I am a legend in the making the only good content creator on Word Press for at least 50 years to come, but wow, that is insane. Like heavenly.

Oh the lets do it again beat that you heard for 14th album so you know is an easter egg I found on club paradise instrumental I just pull it up on Filmora and lower pitch I think and the guy recording drake is like a motivational producer saying outloud “lets do it again” it is the hook, and I had fun making the beats simple and stealing from youtube beat makers etc. Funny what you learn tech wise.

And toontown photos because I got:

Courage The Cowardly Kitty 131 Laff maxed in all 4 bosses. Trapless.

A black cat trying to get a billionaire name approved (Lureless) A Big Cheese now, like 103 laff.

A Pink duck trying to get a cool name approved (toonupless) A Big Cheese now, like 103 laff, same level as cat.

Billionaire Dad Lawlsworth level 107 laff now and LEVEL 50 BIG CHEESE, so maxed in Bossbot. (Dropless)

And my final two toons which I need to work very hard on, stuck in Donalds Dock the 2nd playground are:

Sacred Ocean Billionaire Bear (32 laffish)

And Ice Barrage Billionaire Bear (32 laffish)

goal on those two is to make them Soundless and Semis, so 4 gag tracks maxed for each, so maxed drop, maxed throw, maxed squirt, and maxed toonup probably same setup for both or one is Semi and other is maxed overall not sure. You can see photos in the gallery of them below. Lol yeah spending like 4 or more hours a day on Toontown now I got crazy meeting this week with attorney so nervous about everything, and hoping good news final day.

But at same time happy my head is up and going to bed super early sometimes, to focus on a good routine, I mean to max bossbot a 3rd and 4th time is insanity, but the game is insanity, the beauty of it is you are building your toon, I don’t believe in going after 137 laff that is so ABSURD maybe one day joey and the TTR staff will sell me 137 laff accounts, like racing and golfing boring, but I did catch all 70 fish on Courage The Cowardly Kitty, previously known as Wonderful Affluent…

The topics with my brother were good, final days Sunday law is that equal to corona virus ye, I mean the step after that is Nazi police knocking on our doors every week for a checkup. Do I play a key role one day sure but when… Pray the real live forever, and the fakes get exposed. Put that Drake line in 3 songs. Meds and Routine kids, can land you with good people if you got lawyers etc. (lol so many cool Gifs I usually make sorry for the laziness been busy I even pay for a service to make gifs at, some of those Canadian people probably think I am nutso. But nutso or not so is my response.)