Lawyer Journey with Gabe on Vlog.

You know when I learned Windows 7 did not reset your computer due to bootlegging being illegal on a 10 I noticed and focused on 7 I got this epiiiic laptop of Apple that I don’t know hooow to use, but it is not my fault. I need it to run like a Windows, maybe get someone to fix that for me, the 7 I use is simple but brand new you can downgrade them waiting for the right one since my mother got me the wrong 7 smaller one I need the 64 bit. Family is very important in the story of the lives of many. That vlog is on how I dropped out for good from school to do therapy and to keep a lawyer who keeps telling me jail till good news comes is the concept of family. Enjoy. I should do vlogs from now on but I got the 3 posts for this week done just gonna try not to release them to fast or I could end up smoking like 5 packs of cigarettes lol.