Leaking 5th project material “almost official” MUSIC. Why is it so awesome? (Leaving you with one clip “Song Of Storms”)

Soooo, can we take a step back, before we bend it in the ass crack? Blah, blah, blah…

Just to recap

  1. Roleplay With Shady God
  2. Speak Of The Devil
  3. The Fallen Angel God
  4. The Only Hypnotic Billionaire Boy Toy (Soon to be released)
  5. Night Time in Club Paradise (Leaking lyrics)
  6. The Fallen Angel God 2 “The Rebellion of Spies, The Illuminati” (This project may release later on, but focusing on 5th 100%)


Ok so this is going to be long, for some, long. The outline of the 5th album and the lyrics, skits, words, etc.

Song of Storms video will be all the way at the bottom, you will understand as you go young one. Connect the dots, see the invisible ink…

Night Time in Club Paradise

15 Tracks & 2 Skits & 13 songs… Sort of…

  • Black Pastor Skit (50-70 seconds of Gabe)
  • The Darkest Club (Club Paradise & more lightness)
  • Baby Money
  • Will She Love Me
  • Saint Gabriel (Can’t Feel My Face & Originality)
  • Where Was I at (Days in The East feel?)
  • Poetic Demon
  • Ocean View (Drunk In Love & Originality)
  • DNA lottery winner Skit (30-40 seconds of Gabe)
  • Memories of the 305 (From Time by Drake feel & Alien by Armin Van buuren)
  • Open Soul (Open Road the old Chris Brown song never released)
  • I Admit It (star 67 & 6god feel???)
  • Club Sun (Different version of club paradise, use your imagination)
  • Most Kings Are See Through (Most Kingz jay-z & See Through Chris Brown)
  • Visiting the Sky (Low Life & Starboy sounds)

The 7 Tracks with notes, the first 7: I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE IT, gonna do the best we can. Big team of jerk offs 😉

1 Black Pastor:

(Need like 50-70 seconds of church music in background as the black pastor/Augusto Gabe talks)


And the lord said, he sayeth, get yo ass a job, get yo ass into school, Mmmmm hummmm, preach little nig, preach nig, hummm, coco water, you want some coco water? Man…

(clears throat)

Let me tell you about a man… This man was a saint, till he fell out of heaven… He wasn’t happy with his 100 girls, so he touched a monkey, and the monkey done gone bestiality on his ass.

And that is how we come from monkeys…

(Turn it up a knotch)

And the passage in Gabeism and Opraishm sayeth, the almighty creatures in the sky, hummm halelujha, praise Gabe and Oprah.

Donate money to us, hummm, my Bentley ran out of gas! Humm..

(Swat comes in)

Swat member: get on the floor you sad fuck.

Pastor: No, sir it is not what it looks like

Swat member: Get Gabe out of his cage, time to give him his DNA money.

Pastor: No the community needs it, I said hummmm.


(improvise, done from there may need to loop.)


2 The Darkest Club:

Not sure how long first verse should be, take ideas from this we make it simple intro, ambiguous, and bringing people back to deep emotions.


Verse 1 (after 5-10 seconds of music.) (All singing)


Why does this life fail me? I fail like mortality

Realness is just an image, (Just an image) *repeat 3 times echo*

(Lost in The Darkest Club) x 2 slow motion


Hook now:

The Darkest Hour, The loudest thunder shower

The darkest Clouds, The Darkest (The Darkest Club) *repeats 4 or 6 times*


Verse 2: rapping

My life was all sour, no escape from a prison, now I devour, the cynicism

Got life jacked up, I jacked off money went up, billionaire prism, police wish I was stuck in prison

No way I will let go…

(Singing): The Darkest Heart, in the Darkest restart, darkest club

Lost my soul in there, soon to be billionaire, genetics and fame are my golden chair

Are you aware? You could be the one? Are you aware? You could be my son Are you aware?

These niggas need to be aware…


Hook Again 2nd Time


Verse 3: Singing

Do you know the struggle of regret and loss? Losing your favorite boss? Losing the position of boss?

Do you know what life is like as a sinner? Dead because you won’t be thinner

(The Darkest Club, my soul is turning black, my soul is going to the gods…) *repeat 3 to 4 times


Hook Last time… 3rd time…


15-25 seconds of fading away music and I will speak slowly over it.


Watching over the saints as a sinner

Eternal Life, drugs, lust, the club of darkness

How can I be a real winner?

I love darkness, fading in the clouds of darkness

Erase our souls in the beauty of darkness


3 Baby Money:

Chorus: Singing

Getting that baby money, partly sunny

that nigga thinks he funny, that jet lag champagne tummy

Pot and Hydrocone, On top and no clone

That is Augusto Gabe nigga

Baby money little nigga

Genetics worth billions and hundreds of millions

Stock in Brand names, Selling his DNA to great names

(Get it, get it, just get it) *repeats 2 or 3 times*


Verse 1: Rapping

Why do niggas always be faking?

I want to be draking, and caking, making, her shaking

Who is this little boy? Shady? God? Who?

Who is the one with joy? A lady? A Tod? A Cry baby? Who?

Mariah Carrey ass on him, the lights dim, sounding like Slim

Has no career, so makes others look grim, death is near, to those who don’t hear

He got that baby money, that Slurm can, Coca-Cola can, Jack Daniels

All up in your asylum, all up in your face money, smoking camels

Riding in Dubai on a Camel, Billionaire status nigga

Taking showers with hookers and meth on the table

Won’t be stable, nigga, not when Shady gets bigga, break that ass like a flammable, stable

We are talking about that baby money

Nigga, that baby money, latino men got it the best, the rest of you cum on your own chest

Because you aren’t even worth a vest, let Augusto Gabe’s nest, get to be the best

Isn’t Augusto Gabe better then the rest?


Chorus Again: 2nd time


Verse 2: Rapping

To whom do I owe the pleasure, who is the greatest treasure?

Who can measure? Psychopathic tendencies, loving sentencing

Prison time can’t even catch up to this nigga

Shady God and his followers keep saying nigga

Why can’t they put him back in rehab? Another nut case? Another nut house?

Another shooting case? Another buyer of DNA in a big ass house? Buying from a big ass hole

With a sexy asshole? I can give and take pole, I got J. Cole, in a torcher chamber

MDMA trip as we swing like The Secret Chamber

J.K Rowling has no more money in her bank, Gabe’s website put her bankrupt

No need for a sperm bank, he is a sperm tank, he is going to erupt, you should give up

(Just give up the Baby money, turn yourself in, your chances of escaping slim) *repeats 1 or 2 times*


Chorus 3rd Time. Last time.


Outro all singing: Fading away slowly, sound effects deep

Are you caving in? Is prison looking like your biggest sin? Do the Gods have mercy on your soul?

Did these sperm thieves get what is coming to them? Only Augusto Gabe can give what is coming to them.

(Baby money, we got that we kidnapped your lady, how much you love your baby money

Billion dollar, Jurassic World 2018 money) *Repeats 2 or 3 times fading more…


4 Will She Love Me:

12-16 seconds of the buildup and beat melts down


Chorus: Singing

Will she love me like a real danger?

Will she fuck me like a bath house stranger?

Will she leave me without anger?

Will she love me, if I just want to fuck?

*Chorus repeats two times*


Verse 1: Rapping

The tycoon of the century is back in his sanctuary

He is the god of the gods, iQue is just infinity

They both make a duo you can’t forget, a private jet, just let, these two niggas get upset

And fuck broads like a porn set, I haven’t met, Sasha Grey yet, but she could be 50 and I would let

Her do, me as I do her, do you, before you do me

The army of clones and lies

Will she love me if Portugal turns on my drug dealing rise?

Dark Web owner, worldwide, she is wet and wide

Stock in Microsoft, and brand names from DNA

Now the girls who rejected me cry stuck in AA

Bitch go drink what you spilled, lick it off the floor

I would have killed, for you but you let it pour


*singing fade below goes into Chorus*

(Every time I fall, will she love me? Every time I call, will she hold me?) *repeats 3 times*


Chorus 2nd time



Short Verse 2: Singing

Will she love, the way she should? Fuck me like an animal and then forget all about it

Do you doubt it? Judgment clouded, the clouds are making me dark, feeling like Walt from Breaking Bad

Bitch don’t make me mad, just give me that head…


*Beat should change a little for this little repeat before chorus comes in*

(Don’t be a stupid cunt, I am not a fucking runt, I got you out of that dump, not trying to give you a lump, maybe just a bruise and a bump, fucking bad girl, you are my goddess, head to toe, the unholiest)

*Repeats 3 times* maybe sounds a little slower or faster each time?


Chorus 3rd Time final time


Outro 3rd Verse: Rapping

Amsterdam is just a stone throw away from the wealthy

Why won’t she love me? Because she wants the wealthy

But I live like a white trash clown, no matter how wealthy

She won’t love me, 200 dollars an hour? Bitch go take a shower

No more coming inside your flower


*Funny 12-20 second skit talking beat fades*

Will she love me? No, she won’t, that bitch is going to jail

Fucking crazy ass bitch, take this nail, catching you pale

Punching you till I go to jail, your life is a fail

So, suck on my dick, I only enjoy talking to you when your mouth is full


5 Saint Gabriel:

Intro: Singing and words *The bold is all singing & the non-bold is rapping or spoken* *Apply to whole song to not get confused this method*


Saint Gabriel, the chamber of heaven

Saint Gabriel, selling souls, so far elven

Saint Gabriel Come back, return the breath of life

Fuck this world, Fuck everyone in it, Live for the pain, and danger

Don’t stop because of me, hit your pipe Mr. Officer

Don’t stop buying blow and heroine because of me Miss Doctor

Don’t stop touching your 10-year-old child Mr. Lawyer

Don’t stop raping your partner, and taking DNA Miss Prosecutor

Saint Gabriel is back, Saint Gabriel makes all of you look back

Keep track, take a close look is it crack?

Saint Gabriel Nigga, Get a clue nigga, yellow tape at your house nigga

Saint Gabriel brings lightning to you Mr. Officer, No ass for you Mr. Officer


Chorus: 1st time

Does it all sound familiar? You stole that DNA, now you are a millionaire?

Where is the cash you owe? Can you grow? Can you glow? Did Kanye call you back?

Did the Kardashians have a comeback?

Britney fucked up hers, but we all love a comeback

(I am Saint Gabriel, the leader of super models

Saint Gabriel Nigga Memorize it) *repeat 2 times*


Verse 1:

Who is Saint Gabriel Nigga? Who is Vinny Chase nigga? I don’t need a chase nigga? I am on a police Chase Nigga

Chris Hansen doesn’t like my Catholic Upbringing

I love little girls singing

So, talk to Saint Gabriel, he is right here, outside of jail, like a pedophile going pale

Deadpool is not even going to hell, he is in my bed making love to my stuffed sperm whale

Saint Gabriel is to drunk right now, probation has him about to kill someone right now

Why can’t Saint Gabriel be on Forbes? Why do the doctors get to meet the Forbes?

Why is my DNA worth billions and yours isn’t even millions?

Why don’t you shoot yourself nigga?

Shoot yourself miss officer, for persecution

Why don’t you take a stand nigga? Do you love oppression?

I Am Saint Gabriel Hoe, take it off hoe

let me smell those feet, let me be elite

 let me cum inside all 3 holes

I will retire you off poles

dump you with broken souls



Chorus: 2nd time


Verse 2:

One last time, sit down, let us have a sit down, no Ferrari for you, no money for you

No sex for you, no drugs for you, this is the billionaire lifestyle apparently

I am into the Lucifer Lifestyle

Don’t rob my DNA or style

That is a ghost pepper, I will turn you into a leaper


*Echo the rest of Verse 2 in a ghostly way*


Saint Gabriel who are you? Nigga who are you? The person listening to this song? Did you just hit a meth bong? Or a bong? Do you say ching chong?

Is your pussy long? Are you a dick in a thong?

Saint Gabriel has no melody, he just wants to commit a felony

Saint Gabriel, rising to heaven, iQue following behind

Timing is the fable, golden table, golden mansion, eternal expansion

Alien babes, all Augusto Gabes, heavenly blow

(Saint Gabriel won’t blow… He wants to implode

Wants to erode, and corrode, blow another load

Bye Saint Gabriel) *repeat twice*


Chorus: 3rd time/last time


Outro: Fade in and out shock wave in the words before it fades entirely…


Fuck the police

Fuck the doctors

Fuck professional thieves

Broken teeth on the ground

The wicked shall perish due to Angel Gabriel

Destroying our universe

Destroying Angel Gabriel’s Universe?

This is some sort of Dragon Ball Z, type hit

Some type of Dragon Ball Super lit

Saint Gabriel is gone, he died, Augusto Gabe lied, he isn’t a millionaire

(He is a billionaire

His DNA is billions

You niggas ain’t even worth millions

Take a close look at your self

Then hang your self) *repeat 2 or 3 times*


6 Where Was I at:

Verse 1: Singing

This is the greatest legacy of all

I could call, the strongest CEO of the biggest mall

Close a deal in Asia, land of the pedophiles

I could run extra miles, and be a Versace Model with an online persona

But this is not like being a Vergona, alter egos got our relationship strained

My meth days are over for now, but Portugal is going to make me fall, don’t raise your eye brow

My life is on the skits, owning a Ritz, acting like Carlton, billion-dollar lawsuits income

So I cum, inside these models till I am done, No trump towers, but I had models in the showers

Some heroine in her veins, watched her relax, as I was sober, felt at my max, the scene was game over

No deal I can’t close, nothing I can’t own, but where was I at?

Can you please tell me, where was I at?


Hook 1st time: All Singing

Where was I at? Should have been loving you, fucking you, staying somewhat true

Stuck with niggas, who have no clue, where is blue’s clues, Billion-dollar sperm money clues

Asylums have me on a hit list…

(Where was I at? Please tell me, I was so foolish) *repeats 3 times*


Verse 2: Singing

Why does she keep asking me questions about him, the lights were dim, I was drunk within

Where was I at? Last summer when you needed me the most

Billionaires want to have a grandiose toast

My life fell apart, music was my only outlet, I felt like I was at a roast

Roasting my own self in the music, To many egotistical musicians are useless

Where was I at? When you didn’t invite me over, to bend you over

iQue and me are taking over, the duo combination, taking over every nation

We are cyber criminals on the run, iQue has my million-dollar trust fund

Borrowing my Bugatti, before I go cum, and pass it all down to my son

Why can’t I forgive? Where Was I at? Why can’t I live? Where Was I at?

Can somebody please tell me, where the fuck I am at?


Hook 2nd time/last time



Beat needs to altar beautifully into the last verse, somewhat of entirely different, and have a repeated boom like in Days in The East but make it original. Between Hook 2nd time and Verse 3, should be a 10-15 second silence!


Verse 3: Rapping only (longest verse)

Last night I was at the other YOLO estate

Not with Drake, but with iQue and the god of Fate

I was in the studio, making those beats and sounds flair

Last night I was fucking some bitches hair, she was petite I was unaware

Where was I at? I was in her bedroom giving that 15 year old ass what it wanted

Wish she was a little younger, I wish I was hunger, then I wouldn’t have to hunger

After little kids, and billion dollars from my own kids, my DNA is taking over

Where was I at? 4 month sentence on Sedona’s coast

I tried to swim away but I got the lash the most

How can the world accept me as the king of kings?

Where Was I At, when the Royals were passing out rings?

Am I that last dinosaur from 2018 Jurassic? That fantastic?

You niggas will always be below me, so blow me, and give blow to me

Que and me are taking over, show is over, my blog will never be over

Should I join Shady or October, which firm, which germ, do they want my sperm?

Where Was I at? I was faded away

Jay my brother from Spain, what a pain, wants a million-dollar check for his insane, life

Relatives are going to mooch off of me, I wish a 10-year-old Kristen dundst was on top of me

I will have parties in Spain, acting like Horatio Cane

My niggas all say “Are you insane?”


Outro: Singing

Where was I at?

Fucking an underage girl like R. Kelly

Where was I at?

Doing meth to lose my jelly belly

Where was I at?

Wishing on Asa Akira’s feet which are smelly

Now I am gone, que fade away the song…

(Where Was I at?) *repeats 3 times*

*Fade slowly*


7 Poetic Demon:

Que don’t hate me for this! I want this to be like the link I send you song of storms from Ocarina, for the whole talking intro. After that it turns into a beat with a 30 or 40 second transformation.


Just in case you didn’t get the link 10 hours song of storms best game ever made Ocarina!


Intro: Talking

Why does this life take a toll on my soul, billion-dollar sperm making me whole?

Why do I piss people off, why do I like to jerk off, why won’t I just head off?

Walk far away from the pain, no one can detain, this insane, brain, in my own lane

What made you better? I can get your bitch even wetter

Is your sperm worth billions to royal families? No, you are just my bitch

I committed suicide once, was amazing I saw the other side

Someone saved my life, the gods rekindled my soul

I saw heaven for once, I felt like heaven was in the palm of my hands…

Now I see I have the plans, I make the gods hold our hands

Blood dripping from my enemies’ hands, they can’t stand my great skill

iQue and me are going to make it all ill

And one last thing, Augusto Gabe dot com is the best website of all time



Here is where the beat will start to change, it goes from 100% piano like Song of Storms, and then it turns into something 100% original, maybe keep some of the piano, and a close remake to song of storms or the exact song of storms works. It is all free music thankfully, we aren’t selling out of the trunk…


Chorus 1st time: All singing

Do you want it all? I can’t have it all

Poeticness, I am the lochness, courage the cowardly dog

I am the puppy from way back

Sold my soul to the darkest gods, can’t get it back

(I ask my fans what I am to them, and they yell God

I am the poetic demon) *repeat twice*


Verse 1: Singing

Who gave all you niggas life from the start? Who made you feel a restart

Sending my fans to psych wards, my music will give you demonic dreams

The unholiest of all, I am the unholiest of all, go buy blow from a cop

As a matter of fact, ask if you can blow a cop

Tick Tock, time served, pimping laws, my girls still love me

Stupid anti pimping laws, Feel like breaking jaws


Chorus 2nd time last time


Outro: Talking

Hope you enjoyed this little message, don’t get arrested, unless you look like me

Turn yourself in, maybe your sperm is worth millions and billions

I am legendary like trillions

Suck on my dick, please

Suck on my toes

Lick my sweaty feet head to toe

The poetic demon Shady God

Or Augusto Gabe

Both personas are evil

No evil twin, they can’t be thin

Goodbye little ones… I am the 65 billion-year-old, and net worth angel

The darkest angel to protect the faithful

(Broken English Broken Dreams Broken Teams Broken Days Come join the poetic demons) *repeats twice*

*Song should fade away nicely with the piano I hope. 8 seconds or so of silent playing. *


Okay done! Just 7 tracks to share, plan on sharing the rest I think when done so the remaining 8 tracks.

Song of Storms 10 hours, you can stop it, I lasted 3 hours listening to this, while smoking cigarettes with my iPod outside all day. Can you do that? Meditation. “Black Lungs, Black Moles, Black Soul” – Full Of Depression…