Auto-Tune Finally the inner-workings 10th album the progress released (a Few tracks) (Fixing up the past) + 4 videos

Auto-Tune finally my producer Que like from the James Bond movie got the right tools. I am not Bond however but I am sexier and chubbier like an angel.

(May even pay him to remake album 6 and 7 with auto-tune. So it doesn’t sound so live.) I hate to shit on my own self but auto-tune is used on everything and he waited to long to buy it.

Like bro we all need auto-tune on our shizzit I am not timberlake. Just listen to the difference with this album to some of my older ones.

Videos: 4 Videos.

Video 1: Girls Have Fun Remix- Tyga, Eminem, Chris Brown, Joyner, G Eazy, And rich the Kid.

Video 2: Wake Me When It’s Over The Dream

Video 3: Dvsn- With Me

Video 4: Coming Out Strong Future ft. The Weeknd