Introducing Older Photos of Me & The Family, oh how many kids 10,000+? And daddy is broke. Epic Gallery new + Hello + (The Videos: 4 videos: Rick Ross Gold Roses Video, Drake Behind Barz Rare song for me thanks Drake, Chris Brown Heat Video, The Saiyan Who Lived On Beerus’s Home Planet) + Songs of others.

Oh I was gonna post 10th track list pretty much done but the lyrics I am still working on been taking a break planning secret stuff to stay ahead of the competition. People wonder why not sell your stuff or your junk ugh I don’t feel like it, but if I ever did I would shop around with bankers and attorneys I never asked Mark if he would buy my stuff, funny thing is he would give me a hard time.

Anyways take care enjoy. Pay close attention to the new photos :O If they steal your kids since you were 5 years old or so, when my 3 trademark moles popped in, that would mean by the time I am 25 now, however it stopped after Sedonna ATMC rehab 4 month Jail Sentence. “For New Viewers” ye I actually did see the urine with sea men inside sailing on a ship and spoke to it with 2 counselors, one was nice the other was sending mixed messages even said “that will take years” because I guess the IRS wants to tax the billion dollars they made in a month? So 4 billion in a month plus fake families, clones, and people who buy into the sperm trade through rehabs. So I am deadbeat dad going to prison waiting I mean bring it on I will serve my time.

And I have what 50,000 kids? I want to say 10 through 20 thousand, half of them are probably in South America and other countries. No Idea.