Legends of Love & Doubt (11th album is 6 & 7 Remastered Auto Tune) + 17 Videos on you-tube of others.

(11) 11th Legends of Love & Doubt Album, you can listen to them here on the website without downloading. But if you want to cherish it, download and keep it on your cloud/ipod etc.

I also share some great videos of other content creators all the way below, scroll down.

436 MB (click here to download the 11th album, which is the 6th and 7th album Auto Tuned Remastered, sounds a thousand times better.)

The Videos I wanted to share:

Video count: 17 Total, songs, Zelda OOT rom hacks 2 videos on it, etc. Surprise.

Video 1: Topic- Breaking Me (Lyrics) ft. A7S

Video 2: Sonny Fodera, King Henry- Before U (ft. Aluna George)

Video 3: Gorgon City x SOFI TUKKER- House Arrest

Video 4: Bonnie X Clyde- The Good Life music video.

Video 5: Bonnie X Clyde The Good Life Audio

Video 6: Kiesza Hideaway Lyrics

Video 7: Kygo, Sasha Sloan (I’ll Wait Lyric Video)

Video 8: The Weeknd- In Your Eyes Remix ft. Doja Cat

Video 9: Deniz Koyu & Ralph Felix- Enemy (ft. MPH)

Video 10: SAINt JHN- Roses (Imanbek Remix)

Video 11: Elephante- Otherside (ft. Nevve)

Video 12: Future- Trapped In the Sun

Video 13: Kanye do you want your Cranberry Juice?

Video 14: Puzzling (Ocarina of Time Romhack) playthrough, by (ZFG) he is an awesome streamer, of Randomizers of Ocarina, the best knows glitches, and this is a custom mod, with the Spirit temple, a different forest area, etc. it is almost 3 hours long of watching him trying to figure it out, Zelda fans will love it, especially OOT the only good Zelda game besides maybe Wind Waker. You might need to see it on youtube to pause etc, by clicking on the title, instead of through the website. 

Video 15: Outrageouz- Never Should’ve Said Hello.

Video 16: ZFG again Nimpize Adventure rom hack Play through part 1 out of 3 parts. You can find the other 2 parts on youtube, they are each like 6 hours long, worth watching, and pausing through, has custom zelda oot maps, and original ones hyper modified. Ostrealava2 is the creator. 

Video 17: American Dad- Roger Creates Ecstasy (MDMA)