The Different Kinds of Deals

3 chapters:

Chapter 1: The family guy

Being the family guy is not easy, this could mean living with your parents till you are 30 years of age. I am already 27 years old according to our Calendar and I still feel like I was a robot created in a lab. But the thing I understood from my family is, living with them is tedious, if they do not get you an attorney eventually, you may need to get arrested.

It is safe to say I fall into the category of The Deal Breakers, and the Family guy. I was very bad at school only did community collage and I had no luck with friends or anything so alienation of my lifestyle of my lovers became apparent even bath houses with men only looked appealing to me for the longest time, many years I invested in being the slut for free with guys was a part of Bisexual God dying inside after my awakenings my milestones in my brain.

You could wait with your family till they get you a Family attorney or a Criminal Defense one my case became odd I will go on in chapter 3.

Chapter 2: The Student

The Student is the spoiled snob who has the parents who supports everything they do, you could technically attend a school as an adult for years. And the results could be overwhelmingly small or amazing depending on the people you meet, if certain students are fixed in dorms that could work to your advantage but what do you do after graduation especially if the degree isn’t specific to a major leaving family without lawyers like Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 is difficult.

It would be ideal in my opinion to try and be the best one you can be, however if you don’t end up getting married or getting arrested at a dorm for drugs which falls under Deal breakers not sure what to explain on this end, it seems like a dead end, I would fail so hard at education.

Chapter 3: The Deal Breakers

Being the Deal Breaker is not easy that is like trying to explain “So you got arrested, will you now listen to your attorney?” is the little voice in your head, should you go become a student after waiting 2 years of an arrest, and piss your attorney off when they tend to take away your passport which is a part of high society mingling into public society. These are clear indicators that they care but they do operate like robots, I have been waiting over 5 years and still no deal breaker just therapy and pills and music production while I make amazing content.

The problem with being a deal breaker is will you invest 3 or 5 years or more into waiting for good news to come your way, I can’t convince anybody that I am correct in my assumptions is also true I just try and teach young people with hope to see where they fit in. If you are lucky enough to be one of the spoiled ones who gets a Private Jet from a Morgan just by graduating school means your dad or mom was on the inside and worked hard for you to get a deal, even studies may seem stupid but even good things can await both, those who do or do not attend, it is understandable overall money is a secret like a drug like anything relating to such.

The best you can do is hope to learn from your mistakes is how they basically talk to cut to the chase, life is filled with disappointed people when you allow the wrong people in your life they can talk you into some crazy things you may or may not understand when waiting for an attorney and therapy or an attorney and education could be the answer. They even got me a social disability attorney I never met when they noticed year after year I would not become the student ever again it was a wake up call for myself and for my parents whom I love dearly on how the world in Orlando works. So which one of the 3 are you? Or can you be 2 of them or 3 of them?