What makes us who we are? (2 Clips: Black Goku Vs Goku fight scenes & Female Vocals Sexy Girl for you)

Ever wonder what makes us who we are? Besides our genetic makeup, child hood bullies, and friends which come and go? The truth is often very scary, I think people are afraid of the truth only because they don’t want to lose certain relationships and connections. Obviously you need to go about things in a discreet yet non perfect way, no matter how hard we try sometimes things won’t end up being perfect.

Now who are you?

  1. Are you fighting for power only? Selfish desires only? Or are you fighting for the power of an army, for the greater good of mankind, to legalize drugs, drug dealing, asking for sperm, escorting, pedophilia, etc.? Whose side are you on?
  2. Can you be civil no matter which side you are on? And not do a fist fight?
  3. Can you jerk off into a towel and tell me how much it is worth?
  4. Can you make people love you? Sometimes, but can you accept rejection because of how you made a name for yourself? That is what makes a true man/woman.
  5. And on a last note, do you like the smell of feet? I know I do. “No I want Athletes pig feet, not that one, the other one.”- Chris Rock

2 Videos below enjoy to loyal followers, always free for you! Jack Daniels go try some, shove it up your hole with a line of sugar… or ugh some other thing… What do the people of Portugal and Netherlands think of us? The countries with illegal stupidity, they probably think our leaders are incompetent. That is an understatement but okay. 

Video 1: Black Goku VS Goku, skipping talk a lot of action, not the entire fight. Dragon Ball Super, go check it out and buy if you like XD.

Video 2: My girlfriend, gonna see her soon. “Did he say conjugal?” *says the same bitch on the same hyper drugs. Da fuq? Nig…