Why Facts and others came to a stop update + Birds of Prey + Better Call Saul First 3 Seasons + 1 audio

Why Facts and others came to a stop update


Just a quick update working on the Book of Lucifer will be hard. Home is always perfect to be active if you are new, it has everything free and convenient, books is a work of many arts and has the potential to blow away minds and to get educational value from them, (all of it is always free. Free is the motto.)

Bio & History may have dark thoughts develop on there one day so it is stale on pause, Daily Life is on pause but this goes under daily life for today, they are misc. Tabs, Explicit Blog is just the end of the road for now, I don’t think about it, I hit walls on it, but if I did again it is random. Classified conspiracies are my personal favorite so I put zero filters on the thoughts of greatness behind it, Legendary Stories is also dead a bit like Explicit Blog. Was for music only originally, would hate a music tab.

Home has my albums also, Facts is like a small 2nd introduction to the website, like a 2nd version of home just not an index, it is for fun, advice had a lot of fun blogging thoughts and they will remain there and what not. Secret Websites who knows what is to come one day and one week at a time like I would say, I can predict more then I should is called “mania” with the doctor things I have learned, I learned doctor things such as (this medication makes you more sleepy when I joked) with my doctor that I wanted to feel nothing till my court case is over because I spent time like a Veggie smoking tobacco all day and some of you kids who read my work may end up like me one day waiting on the kindness and honesty of others is a part of my personal release through my content to awaken the minds of millions, and it feels good to be honest even though I can’t achieve certain heights just yet.

Secret Websites may contain very epic content from personal friends of mine not just me before it becomes a hub a Library to me owning Runescape.com or Google.com made a dark web deal with me because in a way I am entering the database of the Central Intelligence committee but they are divided they are not one entity is true about me becoming Portugal god one day, well beat my case, stay in Orlando and then move to winter park mansion at legal 100, get into a huge fight over it more then likely with whomever I am with, and Windemere Marlboro deal if you find wrecked document basically years in Florida to withhold my database my fan base for a very long time while still producing epic content for you guys and yes legal would be the best tab to exist and offer a great deal of things I can’t talk about, this tab is meant to be the most deadly.

In a way you may be looking at the beautiful skeleton of aliens that can’t be born is true about the website it thinks very far ahead like a super active computer seeking revenge daily on those who dare gaze upon my work of art. Oh and Portugal god one day. Because for one to own land for real one must leave a mark on the world, even me explaining to you it is a myth for a website to shut down and what not are just tabloids made by moronic cops in my opinion who shut down a so called drug operation because cops are meant to sell drugs something called police alliance not everybody understands, I guess in a way it is upsetting to fans to not see me succeed financially like a Wayne or a Drake and that is normal but I don’t feel those emotions as much as I once did, I feel numb to everything on Xanax and tobacco it has me tripping hard wondering will the children fans understand the message best because that is my real main audience because my work is all free and what not. Even having a lovely producer, I can’t make music as often as I would like would be true, etc. But in the end, I do the best for the fans and the youth because the youth hold more value in this crazy conspiracy of mine.

But last fact is if you ever do make a website 95% of all websites if unlisted or public or just a company thing for people within the company are trashy by the standards of mine, notice I put hard work into mine is like a golden hotel with beautiful waterfalls, so the 5% of websites and a good chunk of those are dark web or beyond dark web are hard to find is a way for me to be the new Dark web I am the new Silk Road is a bit of a lie the new Dark web, but it does sound cool because Silk Road are movies about the drug trade for nerds. In a way it is more important to be open minded in life is the message overall so make sure websites are gold and free and not full of shit, and even if I did make you pay I would never see a penny because Asia hackers have something in place with PayPal and everything which is bullshit. Even lawyers would support that concept so you shop with lawyers on the work of art you created and continue to tend to it like a garden.


Birds of Prey + Better Call Saul First 3 Seasons + 1 audio

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn (epic badass chicks)

Better Call Saul s1 e1 e2 e3 e4

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Better Call Saul s1 e9 e10

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Better Call Saul s2 e8 e9 e10

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Better Call Saul s3 e10