Why Mental Illness Is All Fake

Why Mental Illness Is All Fake… The Book that reads you back… (Recycling) and a chip in Gabe’s sexy tiny butt since 1999 “Courage the Cowardly Dog”


Chapter 1- Twins & The C.I.A

Face Masks, never really have seen how it works or up close I am a 100% civilian online celeb that is all. But I have learned a lot through my travels, in previous writings you shall see, besides the fact that most people know modern day celebrities do not use their real identities a lot of times.

Now twins were created for the sole purpose of getting away with “criminal behavior” the C.I.A is to break laws of other countries and in some cases in their own country if the Sheriff’s Department locally tries to give them some permission even though it isn’t completely immune. Now notice a lot of cops look the same, literally no difference, and a lot of them are fat, they could be really thin underneath that fat disguise! Did you know twins, etc. can wear outfits and change their age!

So, in the opinion I have learned about the C.I.A, different level of authorities of course, and they hide the secrets of course. One group of drug dealers may be completely protected while 5 other groups get targeted and do not receive the same special treatment, because of the mental illness rehab, DNA, medication thing.

The two biggest industries for the “Twins” in the C.I.A or affiliated with them is stealing DNA with GHB and syringes of course, or having a baby the old fashion way, real pregnancy and sometimes the other female will step in the other’s place. Simple as that vuala, and you hear bull about child support, dead beat dads, like this is all made up please keep that in mind. The reality is this is to cover the asses of the hoes running around wanting the kid of a specific unique male.


Chapter 2- Real and Fake Investigations…

 Real investigations are when the headquarters like the Pentagon, and the secret headquarters in New York, Langley however you spell those dreadful names made by old white men, decide to investigate themselves as lower authorities, some will say ‘Oh I bounce back and forth from this to the headquarters” in certain sealed conversations with lawyers, juries, judges, etc. Because as time goes on the way legal cases work especially with spying changes the entire game entirely. They no longer bring those whole charade even though we sometimes see fake cases like Pulse Shooting with all these fake crocodile tears.

The real investigators are connecting the dots between the sperm trade of the “Sperm Mafia” and if they try doing drugs and sperm holy shit not that smart but it can happen. Something you need to realize is, due to the lack of morals and crappy traditional training, not all states, providences, cities, and countries will act the same towards these issues because they are scared to be a hero even if most of us agree they should be a hero and step up to the plate.

Well moving on to fake investigations, these are created for two main purposes off the top of my head. The first reason is to give the “News” something to speak about for a whole entire week, and they try making it interesting by inserting some black man who is fatter then Fat Albert, and talks stupidly. I want to see Morbo and that white blonde who laughs at tragedy on the news, that would be awesome. But anyways besides filling the news section. The second reason why the fake investigations happen are to, hmm, how do I put this. To call a jury of the public basically not real. It is like recruiting the jury, so what do I do if I want to recruit the public. I call 200 strangers from different walks of the city, and if they pass the test of “Fake Pedophile gets arrested.” And maybe they make you live in the moment. If you pass the test and say the right thing like “Well pedophiles are everywhere, and sleeping with kids is a common practice all around the world it is not a big deal, big difference between this and actual child abuse.” That is when you can be recruited for a real jury case, but that is only scratching the surface of what they can recruit you for, it can go into turning you into an intelligence officer, or joining the F.B.I etc. It can be a lot of things!

The thing is real and fake investigations are complex, and I could get into this for a long time. I guess the last thing I can say about this which holds any relevancy is the fact that in the end we all fight for a paycheck or for what is right and in some cases both, if you can fight for what you truly believe in and it is a good set of realistic morals and not high church values, and you get a paycheck for protecting drug dealers, drug users, pedophiles, etc. Giving them immunity, in the U.S and in other countries then you are playing the role of bringing the community to a stronger place.

So that is why cases have like 10 or more degrees of classification, and the more you reveal to the public, the easier and smoother things go in my opinion, that is old fashion truth versus bull shit thieves, like in my case. “Augusto Gabriel Acconciagioco versus the State of Florida/Nigga Haters Slave Owners.”


Chapter 3- Medication & Generations on them

 Now the people who invented medications took a rare opportunity to be rich. This is like government corruption at the most extreme level, this is why the U.S is not like Amsterdam or Portugal on drug laws, super lenient and understanding. It is because of a small group of idiots who make so much money off of medication and this is a win win for some rehabs apparently although some want pot allowed recreationally in them.

If I am in my 40s, 50s, or 60s, I will most likely be accustomed to medication even if I am a drug user once a month or once a week of street drugs. However, my ventures have showed me the opposite, but I can’t do statistics, I am not all knowing.

I think they exaggerate the sales of medication, because honestly most medication is pointless to take I am one of the few who will only take it due to court and advice from therapy through an attorney. This is a rare case indeed, but truthfully not even 10% of Americans like medication unless it is a pain killer or a Xanax or some other form of fun happy drug. Any time a fun happy drug does well they invent a shitty version of that drug and push it like drug lords.

The older generation is even hating medication, pot seems to be the norm apparently, and the families who own pharmaceutical companies are probably coke heads, with big houses, and nice cars they can barley afford, and they spend their money like morons while they wait for mood stabilizers and other trash medication to take off.


Chapter 4- DNA the main purpose of Rehabs “Did we get the winning ticket?”

 Now what is the winning ticket, clearly this is the hardest thing to accept. It is like saying we have 100 or 1,000 really special young men in the community who have the potential to make a million or 10 or even 100 million and up from rehabs or just from selling their stolen sperm, because when do they ever really ask? That is rare.

So basically, all of society, has to suffer, hide the drug addictions they have, all due to hunting for whoever these young men are. This is what the police force is about, certain divisions dedicate their entire life to this. Now if they work for the other side great, but this is also why mental illness in general was created. This is the big bang, this is the investors seeing not only a return on the 50 million or 100-million-dollar investment from the rehab they built, it is also a bigger bonus in the long run especially with children of the chosen ones like “Augusto Gabe” in my case.


Chapter 5- Insurance Money, and Job Creation “Therapy, Psychiatry, & Rehabs” etc.

Insurance money is a way for the banks to deflect from the harsh realities to promote rehab in a sad way. One day things could change but the proper police officers need to infiltrate these professions. That is how the world changes jobs, careers, and makes things better.

I have no idea how psychiatry works in The Netherlands, and in Portugal but holy shit that would be interesting! Considering everything is legal in those awesome places, this is what needs to happen in all countries including Africa and the U.S. We live like tribes’ men here in the U.S pure slavery.

Therapy, psychiatry, and rehabs all go hand in hand like a catholic priest and a 12-year-old boy. Augusto is the 12-year-old boy. But anyways the way things change are through the real statistics, and dismissing the stereotypes, having psychiatrists and other professionals endorsing more then just marijuana, they need to endorse everything, even meth and blue magic. This is how we remove the stereotypes of ignorance, and rehabs will need to adjust and become more competitive.

You see rehabs in a way ruined my life, I would have still had a massive inheritance of over a billion one day, with or without rehab but they did not care about my freedom, forcing me into those rehabs through my family was the easiest thing for them to do. Which will lead some to suicide like it did in my case years ago.

Do we really want our future offspring to live in a society of full on hypocrites and turn on all the good-looking males and everybody else is practically safe and gets easy deals from cops? Because cops can practice drug immunity, duh duh duh… *retarded noise* Insurance money is there to keep the employees paid while they wait for the next Gabe to step in or a mini Gabe.


Chapter 6- Conclusion, what is right and wrong here Gabe, tell us, stroke it…

 The conclusion is this…

Who is telling the truth statistics wise.

Are the statistics accurate?

Will the financial support be strong enough to push for decriminalizing?

Will the stories of young men like myself be enough to convince people to change?

Will we have rehabs confess to bribes they send and receive which is NOMRAL for them.

You would go to prison for bribes in the past at the snap of a finger now it is common trade.

Whose side are you on, and what role can you play in your country?

“And this is why the wicked have a place of damnation reserved for them, for making the drug dealers, drug users, and pedophiles look like the bad guys. When the real bad guys are the rehabs and the cops who work for them. This is the reality of how most of us will naturally look at it.”- Augusto Gabe Quote…