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4/30/2022 Click here for The Road Episode 4 (Hot topics enjoy.) will be away for a while working on the next album.

4/23/2022 Click here for The Road Episode 3.

4/16/2022 The Road episodes 1 and 2

3/31/2022 The different kinds of T.H.O.Ts (That hoe over there.)

3/2/2022 Album 14 Called Shady God 60 tracks fresh.

6/7/2021 Winning the War…

5/27/2021 Conspiracies of 9-11 by Gabe

5/24/2021 The Different Kinds of Deals (books)

5/20/2021 5 Video Collection + Update (Gabe on YouTube throwbacks etc.)

5/19/2021 Stars in Heaven Societies

5/17/2021 Lawyer Journey with Gabe

2) Old News I luv my fanzzz MUAH bitches, hoes, lawyers, cops, etc. U know who u are. (all the above)

Sperm? This man crazy. 😉 (Endless List)

5/14/2021 Epic Adventure

5/12/2021 Life Stands Still with Gabe

5/11/2021 Underground Societies with Gabe + Extra

5/9/2021 Album 14 Leak + Gabe 3 more topics Vlog

5/7/2021 Gabe 3 hot topics and other CONTENT

5/4/2021 Album 13 by Gabe 43 Tracks + Dragon Ball AMV songs, + Movies etc.

5/2/2021 Wrecked 2.0 & Admiral Uniform represents + The Little Things, Honest Thief + Futurama Season 8, 9, and 10 + 5 Video Players + 5 audio (The 5 videos should be working now 2 are links, 7 hours each.)

4/28/2021 Hellfire Conspiracy thoughts + The Meg, Futurama Season 6 (4 movies) + Futurama Season 7 + 3 Video Players of the past. + 6 audio

4/25/2021 The Cruel World, what it Means for Each of Us + The Hitman’s Bodyguard + Futurama First 5 seasons + Gabe for 12 Minutes + 5 Audio

4/22/2021 How to become a king as of internet age + First 4 Seasons of Dragon Ball Super + Nobody Movie Bob Ordenik + Goku becomes the Greatest Evil of All + Wayne Last King ft. Tyga 6 chapters

4/19/2021 The Book of Lucifer (20 chapters) + Better Call Saul 4 Season and 5 + 2 banjo kazzoie mod videos + 2 audio (fixed the crystal jiggy videos) Refresh.

4/16/2021 Why Facts and others came to a stop update + Birds of Prey + Better Call Saul First 3 Seasons + 1 audio

4/12/2021 Angelic Theories about Teleportation + Joker with Arthur Epic + Sopranos Season 6A and Season 6B + Drunk thoughts with Phantom and Gabe + 1 Extra Video + 5 Audio Drops.

4/9/2021 Theories 101: The Eternal Watchers “Fixing the Gateway to Immortality” (3 chapters) Flight with Denzel + Sopranos Season 4 and Season 5 + 1 Extra Video + 9 audio Drops from Gabe. made the links open in new tab for the videos. sorry about that mishap.

Top 5 Post (by slides) Slides always being added for the Fans.

Top 5 1st Wave

  1. When Blackholes & Morals Get Fixed Up & Shot Down Vol. 3 (Has my 700 man hours of game design and 5 epic movies on here)
  2. Theories 101: The Life of the Gods Revealed Vol. 2 (More Movies epic top post.)
  3. Why Mental Illness is all Fake… (surprises)
  4. Theories 101: The Sacred Races Vol. 3 (surprises)
  5. Angel Gabriel’s Book Volume 4 (Final One) 9 chapters (Surprises)

Top 5 2nd Wave

6. What a bird represents with tribes in human society 5 chapters + Looper, R.I.P.D, 007 Spec, + Halo CE 1 hour legendary speed run world record + glover 64 3 hours. + New tracks from Gabe and a mix list of 7 special youtube Mixes freshly squeezed. (C.C) one of the favoritezzz.

7. Time Travel Theories, Brain Waves etc. (6 chapters) + 6 Audio files + 4 Movies and extra video. Takers, The A Team, The Losers, Skyfall 007.

8. The Brain Connections & God Philosophiezzz + Season 5 and 6 Breaking Bad + El Camino Breaking Bad Movie + 2 Audios. (4 chapters)

9. Dark Philosophy or Maybe not (5 chapters) + Breaking Bad Season 2, 3, and 4. + The Eminem LP + 1 hour of Epic Halo Music. (2 audios)

10. Was Augusto Never Born 101 Theories Part 2 + 5 Epic Chapters of Declassified Date ON Gabe the Android + All of Season 1 Breaking Bad and some of Season 2 + George Carlin 1 hour best of and List of people who ought to be killed + Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig 007 + Paper Mario Master Quest 3 videos EPIC by Stryd from Youtube + The Missing Link (Ocarina of Time romhack playthrough very long by ZFG.) + Drake Music Woah Dare 34 tracks. Final part of Was Augusto Never Born (I think a dink Bugatti cupholder broke future lyric mindset.)

Slide 3 may not be for a long while.

Me as a kid. Aww.

“Leaking the information you need to be smart, and joke about it, enjoy.”

Would you believe I am the chosen one? Putting my birthday on an old 90s show Courage the Cowardly Dog? Using my face, making money off my sperm, this is my revenge. Check Classified Conspiracies for more, and explore this website I promise you will not be disappointed, I am trying my best with my busy schedule to keep you engaged for ETERNITY…

Click here to see my Birthday and the 3 minute mark of it being said on the kid show about my face. Enjoy!!! The Safe Combo (okay fixed as of 9/28/2019…) Some “Bitch” moderators at youtube are messing with my shit. LOL.

Click here to see my Birthday on Breaking Bad Season 5! 5-14-1994

Click here be The Dying Sperm Trade and Seinfeld Airs my birthday 5-14-98 last episode GOOGLE Nikka AA based on me? CIA Government experiment? Hmm…

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Music "Legendary Stories"

1st, 2nd, 3rd all-in-one: Download Shady God 3 free albums: Roleplay With Shady God, Speak of the Devil, & The Fallen Angel God (350MB) Extract like a sample… Focusing on a lot, legal DNA case! 350m? a little more…

4th: Download Shady God “The Only Hypnotic Billionaire Boy Toy” 4th album  (40 MB)

5th: Night Time in Club Paradise DONE Download HERE (78 MB) Click here to listen to 5th before download?

6th: The Fallen Angel God 2 “Rebellion of Spies, The Illuminati” (100 MB) To listen to the fag 2 before downloading click here

7th: The Sacred Child from Silent Origins (214 MB) Free Download here 21 tracks. To listen to this before downloading click here.

8th: The Immortals & Alphas & Omegas (93 MB) Free Download here…    or to listen to before downloading click here…

9th: The Fallen Angel God 3 “Immortal Sinners” (The F.A.G.I.S) (154 MB) Free download here……. (click here to listen to on website)

10th: Saint Lucifer Experience Click here to download 192 MB of fully auto-tuned modern Gabe, made humbly for your listening pleasure. or to listen before deciding to download click here To listen to all 20 tracks online before deciding to download click here. Enjoy.

11th: Legends of Love & Doubt 436 MB (click here to download the 11th album, which is the 6th and 7th album Auto Tuned Remastered, sounds a thousand times better.) or to listen to it on the website instead click here to listen to album 6 and 7 remastered, before downloading, enjoy.

12th: Venezuelan Gangster Reborn 163MB (click here to download the Album 12. 15 Tracks, epic for you.) or if you want to listen to it on the website instead click here to listen album 12, and Que and me are hard at work for 13.

13th: One Day You Could Mimic Heaven Click here to listen to the album with other content. or you can download the music here direct 794MB.

14th: Shady God download link here or click here for the website version. 556MB

15th: IDGAF “I Do God And Fuck”

16th: Night Time In Club Paradise 2

17th: Lair of the Fallen Races

18th: Empire of the Young Deities “White Chamber”

19th: Empire of the Young Deities “Obsidian Chamber”

20th: The Fallen Angel God 4 “The Ancient City Kills You” T.A.C.K.Y

21st: Enoch The Saint Exiting Wormhole “E.T.S.E.W”

22nd: The Kings of War “T.K.O.W”

(More albums under Legendary, stopping at 22 for now.) album track lists, and lyrics leaked (not official) “Legendary Stories”

Interviews + Discussions... "Explicit Blog"

  1. Interview of Gabe by Phantom & Phantom & Gabe Discuss Classified things in the U.S!
  2. Volume 1 of Interviews new and old: Fatback, CJ, Miami Girl, Wilson in Spanish, Phantom, enjoy!
  3. Phantom & Gabe Discussion Episode 2 Classified!
  4. Episode 3 & 4 Gabe & PHantom Both getting into it!
  5. Episode 5 Phantom & Gabe More Declassified things…
  6. Episode 6 Phantom with Gabe Schitzo voice lawmakers, more! 36 minutes
  7. Episode 7 Phantom with Gabe Pedophilia is okay MAP or NOMAP etc.
  8. Episode 8 Phantom with Gabe More fun thoughts Presidential Alert etc. 18 min.
  9. Episode 9 Phantom with Gabe Fun on Human Trafficking girls how they do it, personal stories etc.!
  10. Episode 10 Phantom with Gabe! Man rights etc.
  11. Episode 11 Phantom with Gabe Deep Investigation, tough questions!

"Books" & All Other possible Surprises...

  1. 32 Books by Augusto Gabe Vol. 1 (First 32 on the site) for Word or Wordpad…

All free. Notifications at the top… Secrets of Life at the core… Gallery below…

The website is about free expression, personal life. What Augusto Gabe/Augusto Gabriel Acconciagioco has been through. They made a cartoon show about me when I was 5 “Courage The Cowardly Dog”, and put my trademark three moles on many different shows and puppets. To see the secrets of how my DNA was stolen through family and rehabs look into it. You won’t expect half the stuff you see. On a last note the books cover a range of things:

  1. Spying
  2. The Sperm Trade
  3. Police Officers
  4. Biography
  5. Conspiracy after conspiracy
  6. Illuminati
  7. And 1000 other things to come/cum.

Grateful that celebrities have shouted me out in their music, and will touch on this. Including some movies, I really feel embarrassed and lucky at the same time. A long journey in life wasn’t easy, hope to keep improving it. I was caught with drugs and have been sober for a long time, not my choice but this is the way things are. Let us explore together how we can create a better future.

Scroll below to see pics of Gabe, and testimonials from jerk offs… 15+ in U.S and 12+ in Spain. 14+ World wide… Enjoy! The place where millions of lovers, enjoy the content of this website. The secrets you won’t find anywhere else ON THE TRUTH! We love you. “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide, gonna find you, and take it slowly- Augusto Quote…”